Industrial Urbex 2019, it’s grim up north.

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Former Dobcross Loom Works which was built in 1860; was owned since the 70’s by W H Shaw and sons, pallet makers, there until approx 2006 when the company went into administration. It was reputedly one of the largest pallet works in Europe.

Part of the site was taken over in 2010 by a plastic extrusion company but only survived for a small number of years before going bust.

The site was earmarked for the location of a new high school and planning permission passed. This school should have been in service by 2018! But due to continued and ongoing local resistance nothing has happened

A wet and rainy day last October saw me having a mooch around the many buildings on site, varying degrees of access made all the more enjoyable by evading the arrival of the security contractors. I got the impression that if they couldn’t get in through an open door they weren’t going to put themselves out.

Happy days, enjoy the visit; I did.2BB7A448C7254D418B97B865C7CA7C13.jpeg93D1480BC01945AF8724DB38E68A61FA.jpeg


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You and @slobberchops are getting me quite curious about this urbexing malarky. Great photos giving us a look into the past.

Thank you, it’s an addictive past time tbh. Once bitten no going back

There's a few abandoned places near me, I may have to explore :)

There's a lot more to see than you might think. Keep you eyes open and you will see many Urbex opportunities.

Leave the crowbar at home and take your camera/phone and a big light. That way you will escape arrest as this is technically civil trespass.

Haha your knowledge of the law makes me think you've had some close shaves...

I haven't.., besides being escorted out of Camelot.. I have had none at all. Its just good to know what to say when some nosey bastard challenges you. The cops know they can't do anything besides ask you to leave.

This looks amazingly like an industrial place I was in just last week before the lockdown. Some of the shots have an uncanny likeness, though it's a different place.

This one is in Diggle

Ah yes.. I know about this place and have scoped it out. Supposed to be a little tough to get into, and has some secca.

Access pretty easy down footpath, only area I couldn’t access was clock tower. No cameras, no static security

I wonder how they figured someone was inside then? The one I did was huge, I covered less than half and that took me over an hour.

Was onsite about 3 hours, site is visible from the road to front and rear. Nosey neighbours?

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I love exploring old empty buildings. There are several old empty houses close to where I now live in Bulgaria which I like to poke around inside sometimes. My imagination often runs wild in these empty unused spaces as I see possibilities for renovation and new creative uses.

Imagine if there were a platform, a bottom up multi-level system of governance, which could help bring interested people together to enable very well organised discussion of inideas leading to deliberation then actionable accords to move a project forward. In such a system, to enable all interested parties to have their views heard and taken notice of, the communications would need to flow both up and down the levels and to be ongoing until an concentrated accord is reached.

Imagine that such a platform actually existed which also enabled funds to be raised to progress the project to fruition. Old buildings like the Dobcross Loom Works and indeed the world could be transformed into a place of abundance, peace and beauty.

Pie in the sky?
I think not.

The Matrix-8 Platform is just such a system, and it's very likely coming home soon to a blockchain near you, named Hive.

I invite you to take a deep look, and then begin to imagine a world full of wonderful possibilities.