Industrial urbex: pottering about in Lancashire July 2020

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So I went out again today Thursday thought I’d keep it fairly local there were a couple of locations I wanted to try again in Liverpool. A Victorian built library, nope still solid. Some underground WW2 shelters you access through a steel plate in the middle of a field ! This time I took my moveable spanner, the bastards have changed the fasteners to Torx screws. Not a DIY store in sight.

Time to form a new plan, what better than a sausage barm, with HP sauce, and peruse W3W see what I’ve got, something new, summat I haven’t tried and failed to get in on previous jaunts.

So, I thought don’t go to a greggs or macadees let’s support the local economy in these scamdemic times; greasy spoons are alway better anyways.

‘All rite la what can I get youse’ said the beardy hipster behind the counter,

‘buttered sausage barm, HP sauce” I replied (Spying a bottle in amongst assorted cheap supermarket branded bottles)

‘Ok la, dooze youse want ordinary sosige or the famous Liverpool sosige’?

‘What’s the difference’?( this was a new one on me,.........still ask a silly question)

‘Twenty peeee la’ (........get a silly answer)

‘Go on then’, as he chucked a couple of pre cooked sausages on the grill to warm through.

Trying to glean what I was going to be noshing, that was so special that they were 20p more expensive
I tentatively enquired.

‘So, do you make the famous Liverpool sausage yourself, in the caff’?

‘No. La, I get them from Blackburn’.

I had found the missing link.
I shut up.
I sat down at a table to wait.
I perused the daily star.

‘That’s threeee pounds twenteeeee peeee La’

Which I handed over to take ownership of the delicacy.

‘Ears meee Facebook page La, if you want to post about the caff, and recommend meee Liverpool sosige’

‘Cheers mate’

I left
I ate
I didn’t post about the famous Blackburn sausage

Anyways, I have digressed, a bit further than I expected I visited Holdings Pottery, Oswaldtwistle, as recommenced by @slobberchops

Parking up quite close, next to a private property keep out sign I walked along the designated public right of way and got pretty close to the copse in which it must be hidden, why else would there be this barrier of Harras fencing? Oh! Look, a nice sizeable gap between the panels for me to get through, how very kind.


Knowing @slobberchops loves the big behemoths I was pleasantly surprised by the smallness in front of me. Even happier to find it wasn’t all rusting vintage industrial bits, but a house of sorts too.








Roofs have collapsed and trees are growing where they shouldn’t


The odd piece of pottery to be found





The living quarters are quite bashed about......





.......but still some nice bits of treasure








Supposedly a book on photography: I found it slightly disturbing.


A couple of hoovers and a hair dryer




So that was my visit, I retraced my steps and left, arriving back at the harras fencing to find that my escape route had been thwarted, some happy souls had tied them together with some rope. Thanks.

Fools! They didn’t block off the 20 ft section of missing hedgerow nearby that led me into a farmers field and just a short walk to my car. No one appeared and challenged me, probably peeping out through their lace curtains muttering indistinctly about “bloody kids”

So off into the sunset I drove never to return.

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Interesting finds, and interesting word find. I had never heard the term matriculated before. Having never gone to a higher learning institute I have never matriculated in one before. Some cool finds still available there it seems.

Yes I had to get the dictionary out too!

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There seems to be a lot of history there! I always fascinated that these places don't have full time inhabitants... because here in SA, no doubt they would. Great post and was compliments of @slobberchops reblog that I found it and you :) !tip

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Thanks @jaynie glad you enjoy

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I have been there twice now, I don't generally go back once a place is visited. This is so close to my gaff, you could have come around for a coffee!

It was very open on both occasions I went, did someone see you enter and were trying to imprison you? The 'Pottery' sign has been moved again I see.

There was a lot of stuff from the 60's when I went, some dickhead had dragged down a load of clothing from the attic on my second trip. Even I didn't go up there, too unstable and clothes ain't my thing.

Yeah clothes through the floor, I went up the ladder but the floor was too sketchy tbh. I did park twixt the two houses in front,but it’s on a public footpath!
There were a heck of a lot of boarded up places in the village, if I had more time I might have stopped.

There is a public footpath, I remember it, this was my first ever explore and a good one.

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