Industrial Urbex; workshops for the disabled

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You won’t get in they said: wrong
There are too many security cameras they said: wrong
Security are shit hot here they said: really?


Designed and built in the Art Deco style Opening for production in 1934 The workshops for the blind was operated by Stoke-on-Trent City Council supplying products to the pottery industry

After a number of loss making years - the works were transfered in 2009 from the City Council to a new owner and renamed 'Stoke Workshop for the Blind and Disabled'.

In 2011 the business was closed, half of the workforce was made redundent and the a new business relaunched at the same premises as 'Stoke Disabled Employment Ltd'.

Finally closing its doors in 2013

That’s how it was, this is how I found it in November last year. Apart from the dome all the cameras are facing one way! Anyways only a noob would make a grand entrance through the main gate

Skirting round the perimeter of the grounds was easy. I only tripped over twice; both camera and body damage free.


The rear of the building was cctv free, and after some slight manipulation of a very fragile and loose plywood board I ended up in a dark and gloomy basement.


Time to check out the rest of the building. I’m not a lover of industrial places really: having spent 30 years working in heavy engineering I’m usually disappointed with what I stumble across ( when you have been responsible for the management of H&S at the worlds most powerful mega shredder operating at 10khp, and can turn a complete car into fist size pieces in 16 seconds, sewing machines and the like just don’t cut the mustard really).






Lots of long dingy corridors with a few workshops alongside







Came across a lovely vintage tooling machine...




.......then I came across some lovely boobies


Some random images from the non-production side of the building







Down the main stairs I guess they were just led back to more production areas, and my way out




Production areas eventually took me back to my basement and back into the real world.







Perhaps folk don’t t try hard enough to get in? Perhaps security were having a bad day?

Urbex rule #684: plough your own furrow

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A lot of stuff left behind, and page 3 when it was page 3 and the boobies were there too see! I should be a poet..

The H&S dude is not happy, 'we are still dragging out feet'.. heh don't you just love reading these. You can see why places fall over at times just by doing so.

Yes I found the note quite amusing! And the boobies

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Unbelievable amount of valuable stuff there just sitting there. These explorations really do fire my imagination though and as I've commented before they remind me of my youth poking around in old abandoned places. Great post

Have you ever thought of taking this past time up yourself?

haha not in the philippines, probably be shot


My daughter in law was born and raised in CDO, she tells me it’s a wonderful country, though very poor in places. I kinda like the way Duterte does things too.

theres an old building near the docks and the Market in Cebu City i've always been curious about , problem is theres probably alot of people squatting in it and i doubt it would be a good idea to just wander in. It's an amazing looking building from the outside though and obviously abandoned

I have come across squatters as well, here in the U.K. they are ok, when they realise you are not the police

Love yours and @slobberchops posts. Some cool stuff. Great you photograph it and write about it. Interesting buildings with their abandoned history still there

Thank you

So much machinery just sat there and no doubt stuff you could do some proper personal damage with. Would love to give it a go! (the machines not the personal damage)

Big boys toys ?