Rural urbex; Ann's place. the time capsule

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sometimes even with my experience, it's jaw dropping, really seriously jaw dropping.

this is the reason i do what i do, i kiss so many frogs, then along comes this princess.

i shall try and stay focussed as i upload each and every photo ( this is photo heavy, i have trimmed the snaps down by half, but i can't bin anymore). this isn't treasure island; this is treasure on the island.


this door was wide open when i arrived, i did my best to close it up when i left, the first things that hit me were a minging old coat and yes upon inspection some ladies undergarments on the stairs.


i couldn't hear the sounds of sex wafting on the breeze so i turned right. some well preserved vinyl discarded on the floor.



so our first introduction to Ann, an obvious art lover in the making.


i wonder if she was the muse or the artist? watercolours nicely done



cupboards full of craft materials, food and ornaments




Ann must have enjoyed these comics as a youngster maybe?


i was around in the 70's and i never dressed like a twat, seriously? ffs get real a belt is to hold your fucking trousers up.


some snaps of the downstairs rooms and big spiders webs







correspondence from friends 2004/2006, more artwork





step carefully upstairs, someone has nicked the handrails


window views




a lot of photographs to peruse i the bedroom, are we looking at Ann through the ages?

Membership to a Wigan disco 1974.


80's pornstar look or one too many brandies and babycham?



grab a granny?


a selection of knickknacks gathering dust






Noddy the tennis rackets and a big fuck off spider.




just before i leave the house for the static. If you remember my post from a few weeks past i waxed lyrical about the joys of a 13yr old lad spending time in my mates shed perusing his dads hidden stash of men's stuff.

I remarked about the joys of one such publication "Titbits". i ever thought i'd ever come across one again, here is a glimpse of my mis-spent youth!!!





The house contained everything, draws, wardrobes cupboards full of women's clothing, nothing to indicate there was a man about the house. The static similarly stuffed full of a life's memories. it's as though the resident just upped and left, i can't see it personally. If Ann was the spinster of the parish then perhaps her possible demise left no one to take ownership.








no guard dogs, no wet feet, just an absolute fantastic couple of hours spent at Ann's place.

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This is fascinating!

It must be such an isolated property, it looks almost untouched.
For me though, the mystery of what happened to the owner would be too much for me... I’d have to do some research on what happened to Ann!


I have tried a lot of online research, with the name I have but haven’t got very far to be honest

Great location. One thing that always tugs at my mind is what happened? Why did she leave so suddenly? Why did nothing get removed or salvaged by the family. How fid the council not notice the place abandoned after years of bills and land taxes piling up? Lots of curiosities.

Any of you urbex guys have general answers to why this is so common?

Some have answers, others don’t. Alas this one hasn’t. Which makes me think she had no ongoing family, and it’s perhaps just dropped off the radar, no power no running water no phone line. All shut down.

Yeah but doesn't the council do something about abandoned properties?

I definitely understand uprooting and moving on with your life with leaving everything behind and starting fresh. Maybe thats what she did.

What if the neighbor knows what happened to her. "It was fifteen years ago! I saw it happen. A bright light hovered over her house and a beam shone down and took her. They never brought her back!"

There are no neighbours, it doesn’t have a paved access road, it’s about a mile away from the next habited building, besides I’m a photographer, urban explorer, not a historical researcher tbh.

But I quite support the thought of aliens moving amongst us.

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Only in Wales do you see such things (and the odd one in England). Ann was quite the hottie in 1974, and where is she now.. dead maybe? Really good one!

Yeah I guess, can’t think of any other eventuality. I reckon she died young mid 60’s just going by the dates on stuff.
One of my favourites of the past couple of years.

Another time capsule and seems to have been left alone. A cool find for you. You have to wonder about what happened to the owner.

Yes, so many of these wonderful places in Wales,I’m blessed that I find them. I think she may have died, can’t think of any other explanation

I'm guessing that if property prices are not high then there's no great urgency to sell such places, especially if there are legal complications. I don't think there are too many empty places around here. Some were bought up to be demolished some time, but they are locked up tight.

This one didn’t even have a paved driveway, surrounded by trees shrubs and other green stuff