Rural Urbex; explorers will never go hungry, the farm of food Hereford 2019

in hive-104387 •  5 months ago 

Fancy a nibble?
On the road trip round Hereford last year one of my ports of call was this long forgotten farm,easy access through the smashed patio door, led to a foodie heaven and a sketchy upper floor. Who needs nasturtium leaves and crispy seaweed.

An old Daf in the garage for the petrol heads.

So join me I’ll Make the apple pie, you bring the custard



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That’s great thank you

You're welcome @grindle! Great to read about your adventures 🙂

Good evening Mate. I'm new this whole move to Hive and only just found this Urban exploring Community but the pictures I've browsed so far have been a perfect tonic to this damn lockdown. I read your introduction post and have really enjoyed just looking through all the pictures or your adventures. The apple chutney/jam from 1970 made me wonder if you've ever found anything edible or risked it whilst out exploring too? Also being based in wales, do you ever visit any old historic ruins or the like?

Hi matey, thanks for the comments, when I’m out and about the only thing I take are pictures.
I don’t tend to visit ‘tourist’ stuff it’s not my thing tbh
Which bit of wales are you based

Fair enough I guess pictures are a lot safer as I imagine 'theft by finding' or burglary is what a police officer would claim if a person was ever detained while exploring.
Also I must apologise my writing was not clear, from reading your introduction post I saw that you were based in Wales and was asking if you could recommend any abandoned older ruins. I'm based in Dorset myself sir.

Yeah no probs, mate.
Urbex rules

  1. no forced entry
  2. no theft
  3. never give out locations to anyone unknown unproven unpublished

So I’m afraid not

Fair enough, sorry for my bad form in asking mate. As simple rules they make a lot of sense and should be pretty simple to stick to. Given the new powers being passed every week right now in the UK, I imagine 'Urbex' is going to get even more tricky once the lockdown has been eased up.

I think it will be easier if anything personally. I have been able to do some research during the lockdown and have a dozen or so lined up to do!

Don’t worry about the bad form, when I first started out on the urbex adventure I got some right abuse for asking for locations, I learned the hard way and now understand why and follow the philosophy of not sharing with ‘strangers’

No offence meant

No worries mate, and no offence taken.

I hope you're right about exploring being easier post the lockdown, but I have a healthy distrust of authority so fear the powers granted now being used across the board in unexpected places.