Rural Urbex; just a stone cottage, Snowdonia

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So, if you were looking at this on some goontubers page or one of their tedious Facebook links to said goontube the click bait would read.........

“Scarey Cottage, strange noises and we found a dead body”

Rise above the shite on mainstream social media, it’s really a very big thanks to @slobberchops for enticing me here from the world of umbexers, goontubers and day trippers.

So a nice unexpected find driving through the mountains to another cottage, pulling over now and again to amaze myself at the beauty of Cymru, when hello!!




My radar adjusted to “fine” on my inboard settings, alarm bells rang, Eagle eye activated,


“Well unless you go for a stroll” one of the many voices in my head said.
“STFU. I don’t need to be told that” said I.




Lovely in summer, hateful in winter, the mountains of Wales take no prisoners, our hill farmers built things to last.


The familiar scent of grot welcomed my arrival at one of the easiest points of access and egress ever, not much to see, magnificent in its day no doubt with a roaring log fire, the scent of roast lamb, (home bred of course, none of this inferior New Zealand meat here ), wafting on the breeze, welcoming home the hunter gatherer.




A few bits of treasure left discarded and the remains of the family home











So a lovely unexpected find for me and off I went to my intended location.

Sorry to disappoint as most goontubers click bait does, there were no scarey noises, I didn’t poop my pants, but I did find a dead body!

See ya


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I am beginning to think 50% of all properties in Wales are abandoned! How many have you done to find some weirdo living there.. like my Cat House?.. and then had to make a hasty retreat? You did mention one of these some time ago.

Wales does have many many abandoned places, the only one that I have been challenged in was the talking welly, a couple of months ago. Glad today it was at the point of me leaving, so I enjoyed the mooch.

Really good condition, amazing some furniture has actually survived! Was that a cat? So hard to tell without all the fur, lol!

I’m thinking sheep, too big for a cat tbh

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