Rural Urbex; not a bus wanker in sight, mid Wales 2019

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As I was driving to another location,in plain view I screeched to a halt; now petrol ain’t that cheap, and I don’t drive a DeLorean so I guess I ain’t no time traveller either.


Bit of a squeeze through the fence, to be confronted with a shedload of buses









I’m personally Not a lover of public transport, having to mix with the great unwashed. I think I boarded more buses that day than in the previous 20 years.


“The wheels on the bus go round and round
Round and round
All day long”





These buses are stored on a piece of ground adjacent to premises owned and operated by Browns of Buith Wells, a family firm established over 50 years ago and still going strong, they have relocated and left this lot here.

Now being reclaimed by nature.

Once off the radar, it seems like the urbex tour bus (sic) frequently turns up, and alas from recent pictures I have seen, the goontubers and taggers have spoilt the location with their buffoonery and vandalism.


Plenty of treasure to be seen in the office/workshop buildings

I guess this bloke must be someone important, so I gave him a nice white vignette.




Junk and rubbish too




Look at these oldies there must be tons of the stuff everywhere, probably worth a few Bob to bus wankers,









Then tucked away a classic old motor with an engine anyone could work on,none of this plug the laptop in diagnostics malarkey




So that was that, back through the bus maze and off to where I was originally going to, an hour late, driving my computer tuned brum brum.

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Once off the radar, it seems like the urbex tour bus (sic) frequently turns up, and alas from recent pictures I have seen, the goontubers and taggers have spoilt the location with their buffoonery and vandalism.

I have seen these recently, thought the looked familiar. Don't you just love 50's literature, reminds me of Bioshock.

I’ve never played that game tbh. Was in one yesterday spent ages looking at 1930’s newspapers

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Wow seems you stepped into the bus twilight zone. Since when do you have Greyhound buses in Wales? I spent 2 weeks in Cardiff and never been rained on so much hehe. But actually loved it besides the puff jacket kids in the park trying to talk smack to me. But what a well preserved array of bus stuff. I'm more of a train guy myself. So would they smell the vomit for alcohol? Let's say you got motion sickness? Still have to pay 20 pounds? haha

Yes a right old mix of rusting light iron. Glad you enjoyed