Rural Urbex: up in the trees

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So parking my trusty steed at the mouth of a long disused forestry road entrance (this being the nearest road,some 1.5 miles away from my destination) I started off full of the joys of spring, The dirt track was walkable, this is going to be easy thank you Google maps


Things took a turn for the worse when said google maps suggested I cross this field and make my way into the trees.

I had not been warned that this was a bastard to get to! And this snap was taken about half way there, just before I had to navigate the first of several barbed wire topped mesh fences.

It was all up hill, the fields were tiring but doable. How anyone lived up here beats me, I had one hell of a struggle negotiating the pine woods that led me to the cottage. Which was enveloped in brambles, nettles, barbed wire fences et all, on all sides.

I could see it, but the only way in was to back track as I had come too far.

Eventually! Eventually!


I had to sit down and recover I was wheezing like a 60a day smoker and sweating like a paedo on a bouncy castle.

“No fucking way” I said out loud to no one in particular, “how the fuck have these got here”
My life is a continuous battle between normality and the surreal.



I sat and rested thanking the Lord Shiva that there was no locked front door in place as I didn’t have the energy to climb through a missing window.



The place was mostly falling in on itself, with nothing to see.....





..... however what there was to see was yup. Surreal.





I mean we all enjoyed A VHS and a bottle of blue nun, back in the day (think Netflix and chill for the over 40’s). But this is just being obsessive.




Wardrobes optional, hell rafters will do. Obviously spent too much money on videos didn’t allow the purchase of artwork.





A few random bits







Fred’s Paperwork




Fred’s bits and bobs










Fred’s food




And something to watch his vids on.


And That was it, I was not relishing the walk back as it was now raining to compound my agony, shame that push n go was u/s, I could have made a Steve McQueen great escape attempt.

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love this location buddy, And doing this on your own, you've got some balls.
Great story and photos.

Thanks @dizzydiscovery
I prefer to mooch alone, it’s more testing, and I only have to watch out for my own skin.

Very true. Have You been in any sticky situation where you thought, I should done this with an extra set of eyes?

Tbh, no I haven’t, I teamed up once with an experienced explorer, went with her to a place near derby, was an old die making place. Half abandoned half in use. Split up im one end of a large warehouse I’m having a great time..... when “ping” I get a message. “ abort abort, workers on site” and I see her running like fuck out of the building FFS
I just stayed in the shadows waited til they passed, and carried on, got back to the car about half hour later.

Never again !!!

haha Yeah, some urban explorers can be a bit dramatic. Well, you seem to be doing great on your own buddy keep up the good work.

Btw @slobberchops isa great guru, he has helped me tremendously on here.

Yeah, he's a top lad. Definitely helped me a lot.


You have created an awesome content the picture reminded me of my childhood VCR cassettes and many other things took me to my past memories

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed my visit, it was surreal!

Grindle I really enjoyed your visit especially those all things that took me to my past memories

@grindle I love your energy and moving into this building by yourself is a big thumb up.

Thank you I hope you enjoyed my visit as much as I did

Disfruté viendo las fotos y leyendo todo, que loco lugar, muy abandonado y se estaba cayendo. Pensé que era alguna casa abandonada de Pablo Escobar o algún capo! Que arriesgado eres, pero de eso se trata la vida. Muchos videos también, esa casa tiene muchas historia seguro!

Now this is my kind of rural exploration, amazing find! And great pictures, I can really imagine myself in there snooping around with a camera too.

Cheers, it was surreal and one of the best I have done in quite awhile

Wow, I’ve never seen a house and life so intact on an Urbex review before.
All those personal pictures and certificates bring a sense of humanity to what is usually just a graffitied shell.

Love the old TV’s stacked up.
And that wall of VHS is impressive.

Great write up!

Cheers @ashtv I guess I prefer the time capsules hidden away rather than the big old industrial behemoths. They tend to be off grid and too much trouble and effort for the targgers etc.

For sure. How do you find out about these kinds of places that are more in tact? Are they a regular attraction through the Urbex community, or if you find it by being tipped off do you keep it to yourself?

Biiiiig questions !

I find the majority myself, a lot Of time on O/S maps, and various formal sites on the web. I look for the small intimate remote places.
I have a close group of 5 elite explorers with whom I share locations. I never give locations to any other person,who knows if they are thieves, vandals, taggers.
I never ask for locations, half the fun of this past time is doing the research and the rewards when successful are exhilarating.
I tend to ignore “Urbex tour bus locations”, I find them tedious.
Hope that helps

That’s very interesting and actually was the answer I was hoping for!

It’s seemed like such an untouched and personal site, like you say it was free from taggers and vandals, so it’s great to hear that these places are kept secret for others to have the thrill of discovering!


Great Write up and you explained it Quite Well I am impressed by the way you explain Things and Yeah Rural areas are the best they are just on another Level❤

Cheers @haseebjavaid
To be honest I am Just a photographer it was my guru @slobberchops another explorer who convinced me the way to go was using a few words too I now see it helps to develop the adventures

Yeah I am really impressed to deep down my Heart and Trust me it looks like you are a professional


I mean we all enjoyed A VHS and a bottle of blue nun, back in the day (think Netflix and chill for the over 40’s). But this is just being obsessive.

hhahah, youd be appalled with my VHS obsession. it started as a teenager when i realized how cheap(or free) it was to get my hands on a bunch of tapes. over the years its turned into quite an atrocious(i mean that in many forms; a lot of B-level horror haha) collection. i do, however, hope that i am right to believe that i have been a little more selective in my collection than Fred here

he seemed like an interesting guy. im always so curious as to the stories behind why someone would leave their whole life behind. obviously there are many reasons, but which is always a big wonder for me

youve been inspiring me to try an find more abandoned places around here. hopefully some more interesting ones. many buildings here are old rental places due to the nature of the ski town so in many of the places ive entered theres been largely nothing of interest left behind and instead a dark room with insulation jumping out at you from every corner. im gonna find my prize though, someday!

love the places you stumble across. keep it up

I hope you keep your collection of tapes correctly stored alphabetically! I never checked to see if Fred did.

There is such beauty in these old time capsules, and most have no detectable back history which is a shame. My snaps only record the moments I’m there. I always try and lose myself in their past. Imagining waking up on birthdays and holidays, family gatherings, hoping the past will speak to me, it never does alas.

I hope myself and @slobberchops inspire you and others to open the door to this hidden world

Real nice selection of photo's. The Top scooter bike looks like it was in pretty good condition, and I loved that old outdoor folding chair. That was a great find, to bad it looked like it had a broken leg. I wonder if the home pictures were taken on site there, when there may have been road access. Looks like he had a great video collection, I wonder if he at one time had a video rental service.

Thanks, for the comments. I guess at some point there must have been at least a dirt road to the place, but I couldn’t find it. Nature has reclaimed it. The house stands in the middle of nowhere miles from its neighbour, it’s weird

Sounds like it was a wonderful place to live and grow up, for those that like the off the beaten track life. Which I kind of like.

Nothing but peace and quiet, I’m just wondering how he got power there! Couldn’t see a septic tank either, so it’s a bit of an enigma

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can anybody tell me what the curation tag curangel is?

Spooky Stuff. ..!!! 😲😲😲

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😂 😂 creepy,

That's a hell of a find, City and Guilds in '63 means he must be dead by now.., cheap beans.. hmmm, only Heinz for me. He spent his life watching 'Friends', not a fan myself.

I dumped my videos in the local tip years ago, heart-breaking but you need to move on.

If there's a car, how did it get over the barbed wire fencing? Did you choose the hard route? It's not the same car as on the SORN declaration.

I guess he has shuttled off his mortal coil, I never look at SORN’s tbh, and yes I guess I must have taken the scenic route, there has to be a road somewhere but even at the house it was just long grass, so I just left the way I came, I was knackered and it was raining!

and it was raining!

Ugh, long grass + raining = soaked feet. There are less nosey bastards around though when it's pissing down.

Have you a new pupil on board Sensei? @dizzydiscovery

Getting him commenting is hard work, posting.. so far impossible!

Ahhhh! The noobs 😂

I’m happy to report no nosey bastards here, the nearest neighbour must be miles away

Wow! This is a real gem! It seems like that person went for cigarettes and never came back...

Nah! He popped down to blockbusters to get his weekly rental 😂

Hahaha, right!

Well somebody like their second world war viewing (and reading). There's always a bottle of sauce! This one was a bit posh in comparison to the others.

Ha ha! @stav I have found another sauce lover!

That's a mighty VHS collection. Imagine how much time they spent rewinding.

Congrats on topping the Hive trending. Stardom awaits!

Thanks @steevc I never realised this until my guru @slobberchops messaged me.

Hey @grindle, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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Cheers !

He has been pushing urbex for a while, so this must be gratifying for him. If that community took to Hive it could make a big difference, but I know people tend to be set in their ways.

Have fun and have a !BEER.