Seaside Urbex: this is the one I wanted to see

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So this road trip round the pointy bit. This is the one I wanted to see. Given to me by one of my close contacts. Never published on social media.

Then why post here?

Because I now believe this to be a civilised place to be, not one infested by goontubers, day trippers pseudo explorers, umbexers, vandals, thieves, taggers, Location beggars et al!

This building is the only one of its kind in the world, as will be explained shortly. I was given the location about 5 weeks before my visit “the back door is open, there is no handle on it”. Sure enough that was the case. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. If it’s open:it’s fair game for a mooch.


The design was included at the Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition in 1923 as part of an associated "Bungalow Town" display which considered new materials and techniques as a way of solving the post-World War I housing shortage.

Besides Southdown the only other known example of Saunder's Consuta bungalow was at Newport, Isle of Wight, which has recently been demolished.

It was purchased by the Fleming banking family and brought back from the Ideal Home Exhibition in or shortly after 1923. It was erected on its current site along with the linked bungalow extension, and was originally known as Newholmes.

In 1952 the house was sold to a Mr Ronaldson, who probably replaced the copper roof with roofing felt. In 1972 it was sold to John Goodwin, who set up a covenant with The National Trust and bequeathed it to the present owner in 2008. The covenant set up in 1973 requires that no alteration shall be made to the exterior. It stands a grade 2 listed property.


One missing door handle, it was a weird mooch, the rooms starting to develop that scent of decay, butI guess someone is making occasional visits to dust and hoover?





No real personal items remain

Yet everywhere I looked antiques of great value filled each and every wall in each and every room










Now that to me was a one off, but how long it survives time will tell

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Holy Cow! That is amazing! It's like the Holy Grail without John Cleese, right?

Just an amazing space on several levels. I've done some work with Hex shaped shelter cabins that are easy to build and last long because of the shape and size. I've even considered modifying the design just a bit and living in one. That seems to be what happened here in the main room. That detail of the floor just made my day!

Thanks for sharing the 'ultimate urbex'. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for enjoying , yes it was a jaw dropper

Yeah, I was blown away too.

How does it maintain its integrity?

Is it just because it's far away from people that most hooligans won't be able to reach it?

Yes it’s way away from civilisation and off the Urbex radar

I love the old furniture and the clocks too. However I wouldn't want the clocks in my house, unless they can stay silent.

😂 I think these go boingggg!

The preservation of the woodwork is stunning. Open to the environment and no mold or mildew? No dry rot from the looks of it either. Wow. What a find.

Am i the only one who enlarges the photos with books to see wwat they had and were reading?

yes remarkable,

This was amazing! I am super surprised nothing had been looted or vandalized. I would love to see it in person.

Yup a hidden gem

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All those clocks! My grandmother has one that chimed all night and kept me awake when I visited. Best to keep this one to yourself.., it's untouched!

I think it’s known to 3 people. It will decay and rot in peace

Really beautiful rooms. Room All the furniture is very beautiful and sophisticated. I want to go to such a place with me for a long time. My room will be full of beautiful things. Thank you so much for sharing the photos

Thank you for enjoying

That looks more like a museum and definitely not run down. I hate to think that someone would go in and trash it. Did you expect someone to appear at any moment?

What shape is that dining room? The flooring pattern is unusual.

Mixed feelings, the air was musty Yet the door had been broken weeks, I did t stay too long. I’m happy it’s secret and off the radar.

Well I hope it can continue to stay preserved. There are too many people who like to trash stuff for 'fun'.

You got that right alas