The German Road Trip Part 2. The Stasi Tower. September 2020

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When the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961, the 99 mile long fortification was overlooked by 302 Watchtowers.

The East German Watchtowers were used for guarding the Wall, but also served as Guard-posts for Prisons, Storage Facilities and a wide range of military facilities.

The wall came down so quickly roughly 1% of it has survived as a memorial, 9 East German Watchtowers remain in Berlin. Here is one that stands unloved and forlorn off the tourist route.

The tower has been given listed status


It seems that certainly in Berlin, if it doesn’t move: spray it!

I arrived
I walked through a very odd area






And saw some weird stuff


The surrounding buildings which once had housed units of the personal protection dept. of the Stasi as well as the Government Motor Cycle Escort Unit have now been converted to apartments and commercial businesses.

Prior to 1945, the goods yard was the home of Askania Werke, manufacturers of aeronautical and navigational equipment.




The tower itself is now decorated. The steel ladder though was surprisingly strong and sturdy





And that was it, time for some curry wurst, where’s my little sausage gone.

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Haha, the teeth! careful they don't close when your going through there.


Well I never! I never realised I was walking into hells mouth

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I have been in a tower that is now a tourist trap, so had to pay something. Must have been grim for the young lads who had to man them all winter and they were under pressure to shoot to kill. The Germans should preserve these to remind people how bad things can get. I know they sold lots of sections of the wall.

Berlin is an interesting city. I was there briefly as the wall was coming down. I even chipped some pieced off it, but not sure if I still have them.


What a great time to be there, to be part of the process. As I upload my road trip , you will see that fine memorials of the past are being wantonly destroyed for whatever reason, shocking and disgraceful tbh.

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Loving the mouth door. Defo adds a little something to the whole thing. Great find!

Cheers 👍

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