The German Road Trip. Part 3, Pankow Swimming Baths, September 2020

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Built in 1971 It complemented the 1950’s Pankow outdoor pool.

The Complex consisted of a 25m swimming pool a smaller 12m non-swimmer pool and a sauna in the basement.

In 1996 the indoor swimming pool and the adjoining open-air pool were taken over by the Local council

In 2000, the outdoor pool was renovated and reopened it as the Pankow summer pool in summer 2001. Unfortunately, nothing more came of the previously announced renovation of the indoor swimming pool: it was closed by the pool operators due to financial losses.

Set in a residential street, opposite a school the most awkward issue to skipping through the Harras fencing are nosey neighbours.

Walk with a purpose
Don’t skulk around
In we go




Do you get the impression that German youths have too much time on their hands?






Impossible to be stealthy in here, every footstep crunch crunch on broken glass, toilets and shower out of action.



Target practice.


So I made my way to the basement, which used to house a sauna and jacuzzi; for adults only; well yes I had heard these Germanic types were very sexually liberated.


Pretty damn dark down here nearly pooped me pants when I stumbled around the corner


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Nosey neighbours? Get your hi-vis stuff on.. they won't even notice!


There's a Wookie in there..

😂 it does look a bit weird

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