Welsh Urbex: unexpected grot at the garden centre. February 2020

in hive-104387 •  6 months ago  (edited)

So, driving between a couple of locations, and one sees an overgrown 5 bar gate with the obligatory “keep out” notices hmmmmm, it would be rude not to at least take a peak!

Didn’t know what to expect, whenever I’m having a mooch I always go to the right first, and work anti clockwise, it was just a forlorn abandoned garden centre, not much to see at all; until I was making my way out and came across a couple of static “mobile homes”.

Wonderful! I love my grot, but can’t understand the need for so many pickled onions or tins of fruit.

Yes I did smile for the camera!

Enjoy the visit




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Otherwise a fine post but I would've not published the pictures of the personal photos especially because they have children in them. Also, the one note with someone's name in shouldn't have been published. No upvotes this time.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Not my circus not my monkeys

RESPECT for other people's privacy and property is key in urbex.

You're attitude is extremely disrispectful.

See ya
Don’t wanna be ya

Shame families don’t respect there previous generations more huh?

Please, don’t tell an elite UE anything about the subject.
Don’t like what you see ? Jog on

Elite UE?

You have several photos with people's names visible. Urban exploration is in a gray area of the law to begin with. Entering a property without permission is technically trespassing. No need to make it look worse.

You are boring me now

You are very far from being an elite urban explorer because you have a piss poor attitude. Your photography is mediocre at best. Your photos are poorly composed snapshots without any craft or skill to them let alone any thought given to what you're shooting.

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