Fails of the Urban Explorer: Curiosity Satisfied

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During these lockdown days, we need to take what we can get and the same goes for Urbex.

As much as I would like to get in the car and go exploring we can’t right now for fear of roadblocks and questions by PC Plod.

By exercising we can walk or run past places of potential interest and have a nosey around. I had a couple earmarked but had no preconceptions of access to either.


4 years ago this house looked like a haunted house. Smashed windows, a broken down door, graffiti, you name it, as well as crap all over the yard is what we could see.

That would have been the time to have a look, as a year later the place was suddenly under renovation, sandblasted, double-glazed, and habited.

What is that 'HP' above the door? I think of Hewlett-Packard, but... OK, so it’s not Hewlett-Packard.

The symbols are known as apostrophic marks and tend to be carved into stone or woodwork near entrances like doorways, windows, and fireplaces.

It is thought that they would then ward off witches and evil spirits from entering, keeping the people inside safe.

1878 is old but not by English standards? This is the Victorian era and I would have thought witchcraft was done and dusted by then?


...'it's rare to see a barn without a hole in the roof. In fact, holey barns are so ubiquitous one would think they were purposely built that way'...

The house looked completely different after the renovation and the renting farmers even sold eggs to passers-by using the box and trust method.


For what I hear the local farmer (who’s house it belongs) got greedy and ramped up the rent. The farmer tenants told him to ‘fuck off' and the house once became again empty.

That sign in the window boasts of security cameras but I couldn’t see any, and so had a look around the back.


There were a few boards in place, had someone taken a window out already?

Looking through the window it looked quite bare. You need to ask yourself, 'is it worth going in', if there's nothing inside.


Seeing this kind of thing tells me things are only going to get worse, but I could see no access.


Behind this metal paneling sat a horde of live bulls. I didn't hang around. The 'old house' is one for later when someone else smashes the windows or doors down.



I had noticed this old looking building on the Leeds/Liverpool canal towpath but with other more interesting targets had not had a look until now.



When they looked shrouded in trees it is always a good sign. The access is gained via a path off the nearest tow bridge.


Looking around I walked down this path conscious that it led to a very large posh-looking house, and that would be the only reason for walking down it.


The derelict building was a disappointment. From this angle, there were no weeds, brambles, nettles, and other nasty greenery you see typically associated with long-forgotten architecture.


The grass was procured but that window looked like a weak point.

…'is this some kind of Canal gatehouse from the mid 19th century? It's a little small to live in and is on the wrong side of the towpath'…


Inspecting it closer showed me some wire meshing on the inside and even worse, the place looked inhabited!


This was now strictly off the radar. I don’t do inhabited places; they are generally full of unwanted humans and other such nuisances.


There is one old-style factory in my large village. Looking at it you would think it was derelict.


A business still runs or did before the lockdown, though you would not think so.


The owners have gone to some lengths to keep the undesirables out. Razor wire is particularly nasty stuff and can rip you up very easily.


Like many places, it is not very effective and one could climb over the standard metal gate quite easily. Once upon a time I could squeeze under the bottom edge.

It's bad to say but with all these businesses going bust, I think I may have more places to look at than ever quite soon.



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Enjoyable as always sir. I don't always comment on these, but I always read them!

Thanks, Sir @joshman, I'm not sure many others do!

These are haunting, and beautiful.
One of the least pleasant aspects of living in California (and I do love it) is that everything here is 50-75 years old, tops. The missions are an exception, but that's about it.

The stuff I write does seem to appeal to the American crowd. Every American I have ever known seems to have some fascination with old history!

Those windows in that first shot look pretty new to me. It looks like a really cool old building. That stand alone building is pretty cool looking too!

They are new, the place had an amazing retro-fit and now it's rotting again. The fact that it's off the beaten track doesn't help much.

That is one pretty canal. I never knew that about the HP either. It's a learning Friday!

Who would have guessed Hewlett-Packard made printers in the 19th century, as well as advertising the product on remote country houses?

If anything it is even more proof of time travel!

It will be interesting to see just how many closed up due to the flu places reopen. Our favorite restaurant is slightly re-opened, they were doing take-out orders the last few days, and are open to indoor dining on limited basis today. But I think a lot of small to medium shops will be closed, and it will give the big companies time to close up undesirable places they were having union troubles closing pre-flu season. So derelict building hunting in 3 years could be booming.

So derelict building hunting in 3 years could be booming.

Yes, it has crossed my mind. I do prefer old places, preferably with some kind of grisly history. There's a lunatic asylum I have my eye on, there's not a lot left but I'm still going to visit when this virus is gone.

It seems one would have to ask why so many abandoned lunatic asylums, even in America those things get abandoned, and there have been a lot of spooky movies about them. I am sure they are not the number one institutional type building that gets abandoned, I know there are a lot of old hospitals,and prisons, and even schools, but they don't get as many movies made about them as lunatic asylums, I think people just like the word lunatic.

They used to get the straightjacket treatment here 100 years ago. If you were crazy then the loony asylum was your home. Many have been demolished, though a few remain.

I'd stay away from places with razor-wire that is for sure. Run of the mill barbed wire is no problem but razor is another beast entirely.

I come across it quite frequently and keep well away.

Thanks for sharing these photos. And ,WOW, what a turn around that house was. And HP stands for Hive Power of course :)

Hive Power, of course!

Unwanted humans? Just fight them.

When I'm doing Urbex, humans are a pain in the arse. I wish they would all go away until I'm finished.

a great environment. everything is natural. I don't like apartments and betorname houses. stone houses look great.

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I really hope they can save this one before it is too late.

They all look like kwiksave distribution centers to me mate :D