Fails of the Urban Explorer: The Grove

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I always thought 'The Grove' to be a strange-looking building. My father drove past it many times when he forcibly made me accompany him to Bradford when I was a boy.

This one was not planned and after a hard day’s exploring, we passed it and slammed the brakes on hard.

There are many boarded-up pubs these days, but just a few that you can get inside. We figured it was worth a look.


I noted the fancy-looking car and then the dodgy looking van right behind it.

…’was there a drugs deal going down inside?’…

You can never be too careful. We parked up around 100 yards away and considered the triangle-shaped, quite ugly looking architecture beholding us.


...'is it me or is the building tilting backwards?'...

The front door was always going to be a no-no though it’s always worth trying the handle. I have walked in a couple by doing this.


In the case of The Grove, there was no handle so pushing on the intricately carved door was my only option. It was unfortunately locked.

Meanwhile, here is a little history.

In the 1830s, the pub was built as a part of the Grove Brewery, and an archway is inscribed Grove Brewery.

In 1906, brewing was discontinued after the business – and around 13 of their houses – was taken over by Whitaker's. The property was sold.

The brewery was used by Harvey & Company. The brew-house was used as a biscuit factory. The pub closed in 2008.

Being built, in or before 1830 means it is getting on 200 years old and closed in 2008 means 12 years of neglect. That means the upper floor is likely to collapse under your weight.

If we did get in, climbing up there may lead to death..., you know the usual kind of shit.


The anti-climbing fencing was old, the chain rusty and predictably there was an opening to squeeze through.

What was happening around the back? It looked like a demolition job gone bad!


There must have been an extension at some point, the demolition team had started work and got bored or something!


The door next to the fire exit was also closed and locked, what a bummer.


After balancing on a flimsy wall and these rusty iron girders we spotted an access point.

Now it was a mere matter of jumping down a 12-foot wall, then climbing up the other wall and then clambering over that other lot of anti-climbing fencing.

I am incredibly dexterous, and the walls..., well they are peanuts to me but that gap...

It was just no good, and I had to concede I'm simply too bloody fat to get through there. That's what you get for eating too many Jelly Babies the night before.


Peering through the dim light the interior looked like it was devoid of anything except dust. Was it even worth going inside?


...'The Grove was quite low on the @slobberchops photogenic all-time charts'...

As the sun was setting, and we were both a bit knackered we looked at each other and thought, ‘er NO!


I figure that The Grove is one of the 'morning explores' when you are full of beans. We had been out for around 8 hours and anything better than 'just a look' was going to be a bonus.

…’thank you for your custom, please call again?’…

If someone else barrels the door down maybe, but otherwise The Grove is off the radar. There are better places to explore.


'Dizzy Discovery' from YouTube accompanied me on this one.



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It's kinda spooky that there was a car and a van parked in front. Yet, you made no mention of seeing any other people. Sounds like a fun day adventuring. If there are better places, I look forward to seeing them. 😁

No other people around, not even anyone to see us squeezing past that anti-climbing fencing. I try and keep a low profile, there's plenty of nosey bastards around who will give you earache!

Wow, @slobberchops you have a special talent for finding and doing tours of abandoned buildings.
You don’t feel disgusted when you are where there is a lot of rust?
Why did you want to get inside?

You don’t feel disgusted when you are where there is a lot of rust?

You need to take care of what you are walking on.

Why did you want to get inside?

The photography, and the excitement of doing something that is on the edge of the law, but not illegal. Until you have tried it, then you won't understand!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

no, no
I understand
I also did some outlaw things but in a different direction
I just have some fear of abandoned places

well the pics are still good so there's still that. There is an abandoned hospital near my condo that I am going to explore as soon as everyone kind of stops being so on edge over the virus stuff.

I would hate to get deported just because i was trying to get some pics!

I would hate to get deported just because i was trying to get some pics!

Is that due to lockdown or because of the trespass laws? If you do have a story please share it in the Urban Exploration community. Would love to see it there.

Oh it probably wouldn't happen, deportation is really hard to pull off now since flights for the most part don't exist. But just like anywhere else people are extremely ready to blame the fact that they have to stay home on some sort of outside force such as a foreigner - better to lay low for now.

If i do get in there I will be sure to post it in Urban Exploration :)

I love that last shot, giving it a nice welcoming glow... loving the haphazard stonework, even the green growth crawling up the side. So disappointed that it wasn't a worthy find.

I almost think it looks salvageable from the bottom shot, but, would walk away from the one on the top.

It was just no good, and I had to concede I'm simply too bloody fat to get through there. OMG! You made me laugh.

Thanks for the look. I am sure there will be the next time.

Upped and reposted

!tip .20

OMG! You made me laugh.

I do like to make a story of things and am probably too old for this TBH, but it helps keep me a little fitter than doing nothing!

I have around 6 more in the bag, but as we can't go out.. due to this lockdown crap, I am drip-feeding them out.

Never too old!!!!!

That last pic is especially good with the setting sun. Probably nothing decent to see anyway!

There could be gangsters and villains inside, you can never be sure!

Judging by the parking outside perhaps so;!!

Thanks for taking us on this exploration with you via your Pics. Just glad you didn't over do it and the floor collapse or something. Dangerous stuff

I have been up some right old dodgy stairways, even partially collapsed ones. The things is with the old buildings they are very solidly made even if they look like they are about to collapse on you.

Deffo a drug deal going on there 🤔

Murderers, gangsters, drug-dealers, arms merchants,.. I figure they were all inside. Sometimes its good to be fat ;)

Everyone inside playing Drug Warz there :):):):)

That's too bad it didn't work out for you! I don't think I would have wanted to try to get through that gap either. It is probably smart that you didn't even give it a go.

As well as being too high up there's spiky bits that dig into your ribs. An overall bad idea!

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