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Industrial urbex: pottering about in Lancashire July 2020

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I have been there twice now, I don't generally go back once a place is visited. This is so close to my gaff, you could have come around for a coffee!

It was very open on both occasions I went, did someone see you enter and were trying to imprison you? The 'Pottery' sign has been moved again I see.

There was a lot of stuff from the 60's when I went, some dickhead had dragged down a load of clothing from the attic on my second trip. Even I didn't go up there, too unstable and clothes ain't my thing.

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Yeah clothes through the floor, I went up the ladder but the floor was too sketchy tbh. I did park twixt the two houses in front,but it’s on a public footpath!
There were a heck of a lot of boarded up places in the village, if I had more time I might have stopped.

There is a public footpath, I remember it, this was my first ever explore and a good one.