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Rural Urbex: up in the trees

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That's a hell of a find, City and Guilds in '63 means he must be dead by now.., cheap beans.. hmmm, only Heinz for me. He spent his life watching 'Friends', not a fan myself.

I dumped my videos in the local tip years ago, heart-breaking but you need to move on.

If there's a car, how did it get over the barbed wire fencing? Did you choose the hard route? It's not the same car as on the SORN declaration.

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I guess he has shuttled off his mortal coil, I never look at SORN’s tbh, and yes I guess I must have taken the scenic route, there has to be a road somewhere but even at the house it was just long grass, so I just left the way I came, I was knackered and it was raining!

and it was raining!

Ugh, long grass + raining = soaked feet. There are less nosey bastards around though when it's pissing down.

Have you a new pupil on board Sensei? @dizzydiscovery

Getting him commenting is hard work, posting.. so far impossible!

Ahhhh! The noobs 😂

I’m happy to report no nosey bastards here, the nearest neighbour must be miles away