Featheredfriends on Featheredfriday - Sparrows

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It is tricky to get good photos of small birds, at least for me. I have to crop the images and risk to ruin them.

However, relying on my luck I am trying to capture funny moments like the ones below.


It was late afternoon, after the rain and bunch of sparrows were hopping on wet grass. This one was standing on a tall stalk in funny way.


And flew away.


My aim is apart from finding to photograph birds I have never seen before, to make photos of action, like flying. Or, like those images, showing birds in funny positions, not just standing still and perching on a branch.

Now looking at the other side of the path, where the sparrows used a hole on a wall for their home, this little guy has brought dinner.



Next shots are from the weekend when I was in the Sea garden.

Another bunch of sparrows on the ground and the little one still being fed by its parrent.


Sparrows having bath.


It is a shame I got wrong settings on the camera. Again. And the other images were not worth showing.

So, this was all about the little #featheredfriends. Till next time.


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Their bathtime is pretty hilarious.

They were so happy splashing the water. 😀

They have to wash the mites off somehow :-). These sparrows also collect cigarette butts for their nests as tobacco kills mites as well.

How interesting, cigarette butts,,, birds are much more clever than I thought.

They must know something about different herbs and plant medicinal properties intuitively. I think the cigarette study was done in Mexico somewhere where the scientists observed them collecting the cigarettes. Then they figured out that tobacco kills the mites that often infest their nests.

You weren't kidding Neli!! That was quite funny looking the way that sparrow was standing..lol. I also love the photo of it flying off! 💖

Thanks Dee, birds continue to surprise me. 😀

You're very welcome Neli! 🙂

Nice job ... love our little friends...😀

Aww, thank you, glad you like them 😀

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your support! Much appreciated!

You did great with the action shots! I love the portraits of them posing at their hole in the wall.
Thanks for posting to #featheredfriends! I always love seeing what you have found!

Thank you Melinda ❤
I have collected so many photos to post and I keep on. I am obsessed by the birds LOL.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Hope you are having a great weekend too! And I'm very happy that you are obsessed with taking bird photos.

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So beautiful Sparrows 😍🐤

Thank you. 😀

In your wonderful photo there are two speciesof sparrows. Tree sparrow and on last 2 photos common house sparrows :)

Thank you for identifying them. It is still hard for me to recognize which is which 😀 I am hopeless LOL.