Gloomy day and some birds

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First days of October were unlike autumn days. The summer seems did not want to go away and we had temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Then as a sudden, it turned a bit cold, not much, just as it should be. Days without sunshine are not so rare anymore. Next shots were made in such a gloomy day.


Finally we've got some rain. The puddle attracts thirsty sparrows.




Huge flock of birds covered the sky.


I tried to zoom and to find out what they are. I am not hundred percent sure, but I think they are starlings. Hard to tell as the shots are not sharp and clear.



While still looking where the flock is going, a seagull just landed on the chimney.
The background is so grey and dull.


At the end of the walk I caught this curious magpie.



That was yesterday. Today the sun has come out and I hear dove cooing outside. Hopefully it will be better day and I will see more birds.


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Nice bird collection!

@tipu curate

Thank ypu very much! Greatly appreciated!

Hello @nelinoeva!

nice shots despite the gloomy day ?

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Thank you 💕

some wonderful bird shots.
the first bird does seem a bit sad though :D

Tha sparrows got that sad or sometimes angry look.😀
Thank you for viewing my post.

Another lovely collection of birds i do love the curious magpie 😊

Thank you 😀
Magpies are also very noisy.

Wonderful photos! A very successful walk! Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community!

Thanks Melinda ❤
I am afraid we will have more gloomy days ahead. Less birds can be seen but on the other hand, when the tress loose their foliage, it would be easier to spot the birds.

Your chipper photographs of our feathered friends manage to brighten even the gloomiest of days! @nelinoeva

Aww, this is so nicely said. Thank you, Nina ❤

As always, good photos! Yes, you're right, this is a flock of starlings.

Thank you for stopping by!
I wasn't sure about the flock as it was really too high for my camera.
Now, I have to wait for the spring for many of the birds to return.

What a lovely scene to watch a bird quenching their thirst. The nature is so pretty!

Birds are fascinating and I can stay all day long watching them.

Very true :))