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When I made my post Birds in my area I mentioned that I saw the goldfinches near my office and guess what? The next day walking in the park I saw a whole bunch of them. I took my time and got few shots which I would like to present today.


The goldfinch is a lovely songbird with pretty red face and white cheeks.


Like the greenfinch, the bird likes the top of the trees.


The goldfinches were exactly where I saw previously the greenfinches. I wonder if they share same territory.


On text photo the bird is disguised among the branches.


Now I think that I have just one photo of hawfinch, so it is about time to see more of it and hopefully to make enough photos for another post.


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Thank you! Much appreciated!

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That's a very nice bird. I have seen one when I visited my parents in June I think, but I have been too slow.
You have done very much better than me, Neli, congrats to these cool shots 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you, 😀 I was after this bird for quite some time and I am hoping to have more shots in the future.

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When I saw it I didn't even know it's name 😉
I wish you much luck to see it again 🍀😁

Cheers and !BEER

Nice catch! Quite a big and colourful bird!

It looks big, because I zoomed snd cropped the images. It is a size of a sparrow.

Oh! That lens could have such optical effect!! Interesting!


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Thank you so much! 😀

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