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Pelicans in Varna Zoo

Last time when I was in the zoo, I have the pleasure to watch the pelicans. The rosy pelican is the symbol of Varna zoo.


When I searched for information about it, I was a bit confused as the description in different languages vary. In English it is called Great white pelican while in Bulgarian and some other languages it is caled rosy or pink. It is scientific name is Pelecanus onocrotalus.



But apparently during the breeding season the have the pinkish colour.

They live in colonies and as you can see they are of mixed colours.



I read that they spend most of the day just loafing and that's what I saw in the zoo.
They were just walking around the lake and spreading their big wings.







They do spreading the wings when it is hot to cool down.
Pelicans live together with ducks, geese and swans in the zoo.

Last year when I was in the zoo, I saw how they were fed. The zookeeper tossed the fish and the birds caught it the air. They can store up to 4 kg of fish in their gular pouch! In wild they catch the fish by scooping into their pouch instead of diving like other birds do.

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Very good animal photos. Congrats dear friend

Thank you kindly. :-)

These are big and heavy birds! I wonder why they don’t try to fly away to somewhere else?!

I have never seen them in flight, must be interesting.
Honestly I have no idea how they are not tempted to escape from the zoo. Perhaps they feel rather comfy there.

I recently watched a great movie featuring pelicans - "Storm Boy". I recommend you to watch it :)

Thank you for recommending this movie. I will find and watch it. :-)

Pelicans are such a beautiful bird with a lot of legend behind them 😊

They are amazing birds. Looked a bit clumsy on the ground 😀

Haha , you are right it looks as though they can't balance that huge beak of there's which marks them look clumsy 😂

Beautiful photos! I think I remember learning that they get their pink hue from eating brine shrimp. Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community!

Thanks Melinda!
That is interesting to know about their pink hue.

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