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In today's cost-effective solution for the company, it's easy to lose quality and get to what's remarkable.

There are too many objects in the mall that simply poop with a good package, by people with expectations to make a fast dollar at the customer's expense.

Unfortunately, everyone loses in this scenario: the customer has a bad experience and tells all his friends that the product ends up in the trash, and usually the company in question ends up bankrupt. Don't worry, people who grow up putting lipstick on pigs will end up with fried bacon.

Some unusual people are constantly progressing towards others, constantly trying to improve, constantly eager to show improvements about their best. To be the best of yourself, you need to worry about achieving more, looking a little more, learning more, going a little higher, and going beyond you.

Whether you are a student, an office professional, a businessman, or a craftsman, I urge you to make an extra attempt to improve your art and focus on size. On the possibility that you may be a substitute, learn something other than the assigned subject; bring an additional measure to your exploration keep digging, and offer more than is normal.

If you're an entrepreneur, learn other disciplines outside of your know-how and explore the competition to improve your product, rather than just your mouth, we're the best at what we do. If you're an artist, you run the risk of rejecting putting your soul at stake by understanding the truth beyond yourself, even if you can't fully understand and explain what goes beyond you.

I guarantee you that if you submit your life to greatness, today you will be isolated from the group and you will stay for miles. People will look for it and will be happy to pay a premium for your administration or item. Because they have a quality element and don't need to tell me in Bologna that they are the best. Try not to gloat about how great you are, focus on greatness, and let the realities represent themselves.

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Great post very well written thank you so much for sharing in the star's community 🤝 good to see you active again

Thank you bro for your kind words, much appreciated the support!
Enjoy your weekend!
A little Gift for you:

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No problems my friend 🤝

YES! This is so true. :) We should never stop growing or learning through life, personally & professionally. This is how we become better versions of ourselves every day.

In my humble opinion, when you stop learning, that's when you stop living. When I start getting TOO comfortable, I know it's time for me to change something up or push myself in a different direction. Sure, it gets uncomfortable sometimes but that's the only way you can expand. :)

Great post! I really enjoyed it :) Thanks for sharing 💙

Thank you for your valuable addition.
You are a true Gemini intellect,
Hope you had a great weekend!
Glad that you've enjoyed
Much appreciated!💙

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Awesome post, man... From the first line to the end...

Unfortunately, some things are changing very slow..

the customer has a bad experience and tells all his friends that the product ends up in the trash, and usually the company in question ends up bankrupt.

For example... The company will close and open another one, change the packaging, and sell the same crap to the same customers...

But, there will be always people who will pay for the quality... and, as we can't compete with mass-production scammy things, we have to invest in ourselves and be a product for those who like quality!

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Thank you for being awesome & encouraging
Indeed, investing in ourselves is the best investment!
Quality is matchless.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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