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If you're something like me, you're probably thinking about new projects to start doing new things. That's what I did on the Internet at first. This in itself is very beneficial and makes it a necessary ingredient for success. The trick is to know where to draw a line.

The trap I was falling into was waiting and looking for new and better programs all the time, just to find new ones, but I forgot to find them the next day instead of working on the programs that have already come together going there for results.

I would often also be attracted to collecting more and more information about new possibilities. I spent time developing them, and now. I was stealing valuable time from the project I had to work on. It was a trap. Be aware of this trap! The current project would be affected by the fact that there is only a long time left in a single day. No one gets results to browse the Internet forever Rich Tomorrow and thinks it should be an easy way! There's no hard work for you to succeed. Concentrate and work in your business!

Then I would be discouraged by my current project and fall because I have not seen any results. Think long-term! One of my future projects would be my current project for the time being until the last time in favor of the next project. It's a trap, yes.

That's how most newcomers do it on the Internet! Don't do the same!
See the trap? And it gets worse: if you do it long enough, you won't be planning your subconscious to complete a project. You'll do it forever. After all, it can also be filtered in other areas of your life. I did the same thing at first, so much time and money wasted!

There are too many traps. It's easy to see how working in your online business can quickly become a trap. The Internet is overloaded with information. I'm not even going to mention the abundance of garbage that exists online. But there's so much valuable information out there, you'll find it, that developing your online business can take forever to become a profitable step unless you start using the enormous power of concentration.

That is the best way to do it, if you comprehend, you'll get results!
This is only one approach to focus. To prevail in your online venture, you don't need to deal with multiple activities on the double, ALL. Also, ideally to deal with a solitary task, particularly if you do your undertaking on the web just low maintenance.

What's more, I don't believe you will be diverted. Try not to weaken your valuable time. Work on your venture, whatever it is, until it's finished. Gain proficiency with the program, take the preparation zone over and over until you know how it functions!

Many programs can be difficult to understand, but take time to understand!

Learn to do it! Plan your future, of course. If you want to work on future ideas, book an hour a week to do just that. And then every week you spend this hour thinking about your new projects, writing them down. When the time is right, return to the current project.

One thing I guarantee is that if you develop and exploit the power of concentration, your success will improve with each project. So I found that I don't get results to see great results every week. Spotlight.

On the other hand, if you keep falling into the trap of working on too many projects at the same time, chances are you won't go anywhere.

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Love it!

I think, the main thing is allways focu and knowing when, how much to focus on something.

About the phases you explained, I totaly agree,
for me this is something like a creative phase, where I just have to work on whats coming, and for this I have to leave a lot of room for focus as you probably expirienced yourself, planing the houer a week is easy, but to get results on a preserved time\moment can have the effect of forcing resolts to much.
After the creative phase, there is allways a overload of ideas and imputs to use for future projects. And then comes the phase where you get active with a clear destiny, but I think it is a journey that is allways repeating itself.
Just like trust can only exist with distrust one gives bith to the outher.
By the way i drifted away hahaha made me think philosophycal hahaha and my english is a bit rosty hahaha

Very good addition!
Looks like inspired from Plato or Aristotle
Enjoyed the wisdom
Keep up and look forward to anything on Philosophy!

Thank you 🍻

I rwaly enjoyed your blog here, verry humen, true and honest 🍀

Deep thinking !BEER

BEER helps in deep thinking 🍻
Thank you for your kind words
Every sip is refreshing

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I have been there before also, jumping on to new things constantly. Like you say this is a waste of time and money, you will never keep up with everything and never master them all. Despite what I did in the past I was always told to master one thing at a time. Get one thing working and making you money before you move on to the next project. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you work online so it is probably best taking baby steps. Great information

Thank you for the valuable addition! Yes, taking baby steps would the best strategy to move forward!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 22 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Good evening. Thank you for the helpful advice and desire to share your experience. It's great. Great post. Thanks you.

Thank you for stopping by, have an amazing evening.

I missed your great posts and it's nice to see you active! It's all about the focus, and a long-term planning... And, as you said, these things are hard to accomplish... So many distractions that are trying to ruin our focus... and so many "fake easy buttons" that are promissing all possible things... NOW!

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Thank you for your kind support and love like always, much appreciated!

Nicely written 😉👍🏼 it takes time, effort, and energy to stay on course. Plus a lot of discipline as well 😁😁 happy weekend!

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Thank you
Happy weekend!
Keep smiling
keep rocking
Have real Fun! 😉👍🏼

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