Where is your treasure? [Matthew 6:21]

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Matthew 6:21

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Dear brothers and sister in Christ

As I try to answer this question, scenes from television movies that tell stories of pirates in search of a lost treasure come to my mind.

Now after knowing Christ, this question takes on another meaning, since my treasure is found in the promises that our Lord Jesus Christ made to us when he was among us.

It turns out to be a true treasure, having a renewed heart in Christ that gives me the certainty that I must give my life to Him, since his promises of eternal life are given to all who accept him as their savior and redeemer.

If you want to find your treasure go to the Bible, there you will find the message of the Lord that will guide you on the way to heavenly treasures.


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The greatest treasure that we can have is Jesus Christ in our hearts, keeping the word of God in our soul like a precious pearl that produces new fruits day by day and with it a new life, which makes us make a difference in the world.

Thank you so much @felixgarciap for the share, this was brief but it addressed the issue itself.
I am particularly captured by the sentence in the first paragraph

scenes from television movies that tell stories of pirates in search of a lost treasure come to my mind.

The reality is that a lot of Christians do not search for this treasure no more, they rather fold their arms and wait at home to get the treasures drop like manner to them. This cannot come through cause it needs personal effort.
Just like you have rightly said, pirates who search for treasures do not seat indoors to get it. They read maps (Bible) consult archaeologist (father's of faith) travel to places to source for more information about the treasure (regular Christian meeting/devotions) then get to go after the treasure.

Now if ordinary humans could do this for mere earthly treasure that can and would rust, why can't we Christians do/go extra mile to get the heavenly treasure and make it ours?

What other treasure could possible surpass this?