in hive-108514 •  11 days ago 

You cannot be an enemy to God by sinning everyday and expect him to be happy. If you and sin are still friends then I am afraid you and God has not yet reconcile.

Whom are you lying to if I may ask.
You still lie, back bite, fornicate, steal from the Church purse, commit adultery, involve in Exams malpractice, bribery etc and you tell me you love God, hmm its pathetic because bitter and sweet water cannot come out from one source.
If you love the world and its doings then you are with enmity with God.

You see what's happening in the world all these disease popping up here and there its just a clear sign that God's coming is fast approaching, so if you are still a friend to sin then just know that your place is in hell until you change.

God help us, Amen.


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