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Reading Passage:- Luke 2:43.

43.And when they had fulfilled the days, as they returned, the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem; and Joseph and his mother knew not of it.

On one occasion when Jesus was twelve years old, He went missing. Mary and Joseph lost sight of Him,and it took three days of searching to find Him again. They had been in Jerusalem for the Passover, and as they were returning home, He was nowhere to be found. But here is the interesting thing Mary and Joseph travelled an entire day before they could realised that they had missed Him. It isn't that they lost their love for Him or their faith, but rather they just lost Him.
Can this happen to us? Definitely the answer is yes. It is very very possible to go through an hour, a day, or even a week without a passing thought of Jesus. Some people stay as long as a year or more not until trouble or crisis knocks on life's door before the seek for Jesus, I hope this not your story?

Most times we lost sight of Jesus because we allow nonessentials to replace essentials. When we are busy with work, school etc not engaging the holy spirit its our spiritual lives that often shrink first before anything. We don't have time to study God's word, we don't even have time to pray, even for a moment. We allow nonessentials to take place of essentials.

If you have found that you have lost Jesus in the busyness of life, then you need to go back to where you were before, please return to the first love(Revelation 2:4-5). And the good news is that even if we lose sight of Jesus, He never loses sight of us.

May God help us never to take such risk of ever loosing sight of Jesus.
May we never assume Jesus is with us, yet he is not, its a costly assumption indeed. May this never be our story, Amen.

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