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You looked past my sin, my guilt, my shame and poured your love You looked beyond me, oh You looked beyond me, oh

I'm the little girl, the lost sheep Lost in sin and filth, unworthy, yet You poured Your love Poured Your love on me.

I was naked and cold I needed a covering fashioned to your taste Yes, You have dressed me in Your righteousness alone

You saw my shame and my flaws Yet You poured Your love on me, God You looked beyond me, beyond me, oh You looked beyond me, oh

Looking carefully at the lyrics of this song by Yadah makes me know how wonderful God is.
His love towards Man kind is something no one can fathom.
I have a little nephew a home but yet when I see him hurt it pains me, I just hate seeing him crying always.
Remember he is not my son but rather my nephew yet see how much o care about him. And when I imagine if it were my own child how I would behave, but yet here is God sending His only son to come die for people that never saw the need of His death event till date.
Ah!😪 this love is beyond mans imagination;
Its beyond this world.
If you aren't doing anything I would love you to take out time to tell this God thank you for his show of sincere love.

I remain


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