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Reading Passage: Exodus 33:13-16

13 Now therefore, I pray You, if I have found favor in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You [progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with You, perceiving and recognizing and understanding more strongly and clearly] and that I may find favor in Your sight. And [Lord, do] consider that this nation is Your people.
14 And the Lord said, My Presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.
15 And Moses said to the Lord, If Your Presence does not go with me, do not carry us up from here!
16 For by what shall it be known that I and Your people have found favor in Your sight? Is it not in Your going with us so that we are distinguished, I and Your people, from all the other people upon the face of the earth? (Amplified Bible)

What an assurance! This kind of assurance is what we need in this present generation. The assurance from God that His presence will go and be with us in everything we do.

In God's presence there is fullness of God, out of His presence they is sin, sadness, fear, depression, frustration and all the negative things of life. God's presence with one is more than riches or anything else.
The farer one move away from the presence of God, the closer he or she is to the devil.
The closer you are to God, the presence of God stats with you.

Genesis 4:16

So Cain went away from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod [wandering], east of Eden.

Cain left the presence of God.
When you move out from the presence of God, you are expose to a lot of calamities.

Genesis 3:8

And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

Adam and Eve shifted blame. Don't shift blame rather repent from your sin and seek God's presence when you go out of it. Remember Satan came to steal, kill and destroy.


  • Don't joke with your quote time, do it daily and regularly.
  • Do not neglect the fellowship of the saint.
  • Always hunger and thirst for God. Worship Him in spirit and in truth.
  • Follow a consistent time of prayer
  • Learn to be intimate with the holy spirit, take the holy spirit as a person and communicate with him at all time.
  • Pray that God should show you His ways in everything you want to do.

God's presence is everything we should wished for in life, it will help direct us in our steps and every plans of ours so don't neglect the presence of God in your life.

happy Sunday hivian, I'm @imaluv54 thanks for visiting my blog. Love you all.


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