The Child Of Destiny - A Mothers Account

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With a thunderous cry, i landed into the land of the living, so says eye witness and my mother herself. I was a very dark boy who look quite stronger than his age as i had much muscles. Witness accounts said i looked stronger than a 5 months year old baby and my mother was so happy. Time developments of how my birth came up is that of a mystery as i am the child of destiny who was able to withstand family planning pills and make it into this world.

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Six months before my conception, my father and mother went to the hospital to get an implant for family planning. They have had 5 beautiful children name Kwabena, Esther, Chief, Kesseh and Nana Ama. They had no plan of getting an additional baby into the system as they had saturated the house already. I trust i would have done the same thing if i were them. Feeding 5 months on a daily basis isn't something easily done. It was with this implant that the child of Destiny (myself) was born into this world. I defied all odds and became a zygote in my mothers womb.

My parents has had a bad news as my eldest brother died of a disease we didnt diagnosed. None of us know what the disease was as at now. Advice from most people was to abort me but my mother made a stand that, she will keep me no matter what. That is the heart of a mother. May God bless her for this decision she made. She kept me safe in her womb for 9 months.


I knew not the struggles she was going through and i wont pretend to know it as it will be a dishonor but i can imagine how difficult things was for her. The day i was conceived, she had made a request for our local food ( fufu ) and was able to eat half through when the doctor came in that the nurse should have delivered me a long time a go so they should quickly start the procedure. My mothers water had broken but it was still inside her uterus and i was dying with time. All these happenings, i believe are not mere coincidence because nothing just happens. The heart of a mother was with the child. These are but a few circumstances surrounding my birth

The love of a mother is stronger than death and as such i continued to feel the protection of my mother even when i was a little boy. Sight of her gave me satisfaction and i felt i could do everything with her presence. Indeed, i have received great counsel from her. Counsel which has saved me from death and destruction. Thats how powerful a mothers word can be. Now i am an adult and i still remember. Celebrating that wonderful woman in my life in just a day isn't enough, but then it is a start. Mother, i love you and i am going to make you proud.

Happy Mothers Day - Madame Janet Pomaah. You have been a blessing and a wonderful mother. Welldone and I love you for all the sacrifices you have given for me.

I believe you have a story about how wonderful your mother has been. Dont fail to share it and in sharing wish her a wonderful happy mothers day for me. God bless you as you do this. Bye for now.

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May God bless mother Janet Pomaah the more.

That’s a lovely story.

Amen @maxdevalue. Amen