April: A month of Blessings and Healing

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Gradually, the year 2020 is closing in. Many of died in the past few months, many have achieved great things so far when many are yet to. Some are still thinking and saying there is still time while others are made and taken great action steps.


I just want to take out this time to wish you out there a Happy New Month and a fruitful month ahead. More so, this month is the month of my birth so it is indeed and important and strategic month for me.

As you have majestically stepped into this new month - April, I pray that the good Lord will shower His blessings upon you and cause His countenance to shine on you always.

In this month, you shall see the grace and favour of God working wonders in your life. This month, you will lend and not borrow. You shall obtain favour both in the sight of God and man and the devil will not succeed over your life this month.

It is really a month of breakthrough and good tidings. God shall shield and protect you from every form of sickness and disease. All you have to do is put your trust in Him at all times.

This month God shall heal the sick world and everyone with infirmities. He is the great healer and nothing is impossible with Him.

Happy new month and God bless you. Stay safe this month of April!

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Many blessings and happy anniversary @tomlee, may the peace of God abound in grace in your heart and in your family, as well as in all the brothers of the world especially in the children of God who obey and keep the word of God.

Blessings to you too Brother!

I doubt God will restore our land. Maybe if enough sinners repent God will limit the number of deaths we'll have from covid 19.

Worldwide confirmed cases of covid 19 went from 100,000 to 1,000,000 in one month. At that rate it will reach 100 million a month from now. Millions of Americans might die from it but we'll see. I think people's hearts are too hard for very many of them to turn to Christ. I think they'll be mad at God when people die from it.