SteemChurch Expansion to HIVE

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In a few hours, the HIVE blockchain will be launched and all our activities here on Steem would be replicated exactly on the HIVE space? First off, we began on STEEM and then we expanded to TELOS and now we are moving onto HIVE. This migration to HIVE brings yet another opportunity to the church to explore and to pitch its tent as well. I hope we maximize it to the fullest.

And I am believing that we will continue to expand onto many more chains in the future and record more achievements; that's if we continue to stick together having the same mind and purpose as Jesus Christ admonished in the bible.

Philippians 2:2 quotes thus:
Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.

As we all know, wherever there is unity of purpose and a common goal, success and development becomes inevitable. But when there is no oneness of mind, things rather seem to be scattered. This is something the STEEM blockchain lacked in recent times following its acquisition and that has resulted in the latest hardfork taking effect in no distant time.

As a community, there has been no official response yet in lieu of the trending issues on the Steem platform and migration to HIVE. However, I am anticipating that soonest.

The steemchurch is known for unity and oneness and we have displayed that over and over again on the steem blockchain and this unity has yielded great results and impacts taking for an example our Telos project. I do hope we continue in that same spirit so as to have a voice on the HIVE as well as create impact there.

Concerning the Change of Name
Recently on our group chat, there was a motion to suggest a change of name by @Sirknight in the light of expanding to HIVE. Many suggestions have been made so far and here is mine:

BlockChurch - meaning The Church on the Blockchain
ChurchHub - A group of Christians

Shout out to @SirKnight @Darlenys01 @Uyobong @Maxdevalue @ricci01 and many others for their efforts so far.

See you all on the HIVE side!!


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