There's a reason behind every happening..

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It might interest you to know that nothing just happens; everything that happens in the world today or in a persons life is for a reason. So, as a child of God, do not get yourself worked up and disturbed when certain things happen in your life. It could saddening at the initial state but in the long run, you will definitely get to understand and appreciate why it happened in the first place.


Some of the thorns we have in our flesh as children God, many difficult challenges and situations we face today do have reasons behind it. It is not as though God is blind or not able to stop this things from happening but it is because there is something He wants us to learn from the predicament.

Paul Apostle faced serious challenges as a minister of the gospel; God used him to heal many that were sick but himself was inflicted upon with sickness. Paul besought the Lord to take away the sickness but God didn't rather He said, 'His grace was sufficient unto him'; God allowed that to happen to prevent him from being exalted above measure. That didn't mean that God hated Him.

When you are faced with challenges, instead of complaining and getting worried, pay close attention for there is something God wants to teach you or what He wants you to learn. Many of the challenges we face is to glorify the name of the Lord. Every problem we face is not because God does not love or care about us; it is simply because He wants to glorify His name.

God bless you

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We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, God's people always come blessed after every adversity.


That's right!

Many things happen in our lives simply because we sin or because we do foolish things. We receive the natural consequences of our sins as well as any punishment that God gives us because of it.

Life is filled with chance events. We might run into someone we haven't seen in a long time. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything. It certainly doesn't mean we should leave our spouse for someone we used to be with just because we met them by chance.

The Bible never says that everything happens for a reason.