A walk with God: Day 1, Story behind"my" birth in faith

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"How can I work with God?"

The life story spiced with faith behind Peter's (pseudo name) conversion, and aimed at encouraging many Christians around the world especially those who are still confused about their status as Christians

I had a ton of questions to ask at the Bible study but was either consumed with guilt or shame that mum will be disappointed that I had lived under the same roof with her but have not showed any sign of being a spoil child, talk more of deceiving her. "O my goodness, she will really be disappointed with her son whom she's be boasting to her friends about.

"This would make her so upset and I bet she may even disown me, this could be too much for her to take. How can the child that she could swear an oath for be a..., Hmmmmmm, it must be a bitter pill for her to swallow. "So I would keep it to myself and continue to be a good boy to mum and the members of the church. I mean, I can't afford to let them know who I really am before God cause the are of course satisfied with who I am before them."

Those those ran through Peter's mind as he was standing almost transfixed in the center with all eyes fixed at him as contestants in a competition would be looking at the announcer's lips to see the shape of his lips; they could tell from the lips whose name he has in his mouth to call out. The tension and anxiety those contestant manage can not be compared to the weight that the two lips of Peter which either refused to close or open wider to confess the guilt that he's being through in his heart.

His mum's scolding would not allow him confess, that gleaning look spoke lot of volume, Peter just wished that his mum was not in that room for the Bible study, he wished that the mum had gone to church and that he had a one and one time with the pastor. Maybe that would have been a very good opportunity for him to tell him everything. He would have confessed the hidden sin that only he and God knew.

So shamefully, he sat down. He seats because he doesn't want to hurt his mum, he's all she's got and she's got and breaking her heart would be disastrous. She may not be able to bear it. But what would Jesus feel, is it good to please men and displease God? Thousand and one questions you and I would want to ask Peter, but I'm not show he has that courage to take a bold step of faith.

Perhaps it is not today that he would begin the journey with God. These previous months, people have talked told me that he has to make up his mind on his stance with God. You have to take that step today too.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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