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My lips will sing your praise Lord
My mouth will tell your glory
Lord for all you've been to me
Be thou magnified
If my mouth should fail
Lord let my fingers tune the right keys
And chords that won't discord
But bind the harmony of my melody Lord

Come Magnify the Lord with me
Magnify the Lord with me
Let’s exalt the name of Jesus
Magnify the Lord with me.
Make known His mighty works
He that maketh the Heavens and the earth
Jehovah is your name

The ancient of days
The I am that I am
The Lille of the valley
The I am that I am
The Uko ke ekong Abasi
Aba Nsisi, Edidem mme ndidem
Atad owo ntaha ofong nkene abufa

Ebe mme ebekpa
Okposung Abasi
Anie owo etieh nteh afo
Ke eyung ye ke isung

O Lord, there’s none to compare to you

Be thou magnified in my strings
The life-giving stream
The pillar that holds my life
Blessings, honour, majesty, dominion
Be thou, today, now and forever more, amen.

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