He healed my soul: the Pains are gone

in hive-108514 •  last month 

He’ll take the pain away and He’ll heal my soul again
He’ll take my shame away
He’ll make a way for me
He’ll step right in on time

When my life’s moving against the tide
And my shame I try to hide
You came in as a friend that abide
You wiped my tears when I cried

Lord the pains, it hurts
My heart cries day and night
I no longer can wedge this fight
For my hands are now tight

He’ll take my away from me
He’ll make me anew again
And my strength regained
In this new life I’ve gained in Christ

Night after night
I prayed to you
Looking up for help
In YOU from whence my help comes

Please come heal my heart again
Fill this heart with joy
And take the pain away.

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