IF NOT THE LORD : Where would I have been?

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If not the Lord who was by my side
To shield me and me my guide
Where would I today have been?
If not the Lord that had provide my needs
I don't no any other that would have supplied my needs

When my soul was lost in hell
You came right in to hell to redeem my soul
and clothe me in Glory
And righteousness
That the devil can again not condemn

If not the Lord
Who was by my side
I would have been in the news
Not cause of my new invention
But among those in detention

If not the Lord
I would have long been forgotten
My toils in life would have been but a waste
And my little gains enjoyed by the rest
Who neither knew what the struggles was like
Other than lavish the resources
A thing they're known to do best.

If not the Lord who was in our side
Malaria would have been more a CORONA VIRUS
But all that you had nailed to the Cross
And by Your BLOOD and words of our TESTIMONY
I have and will continue to overcome

Thank you Lord for your grace and mercies towards a wretched sinner like me.
I will forever be grateful to you Lord

Thank you Lord

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