When Jack Daniel's & BraaiBoy meet for a burger

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For the love of Jack!

I've been to Captain's Island for a few events in the past, but this is the first time I got to film there. Now I could/should have probably gone with some sort of a rum recipe, but since I'm going to be adding a few Jack Daniel's recipes to my BB Bistro menus, the Captain agreed that as long as we all have a good time, he's cool. Shoutout to Willie & Andrew for the invite! I had a jol, and we'll definitely be back again for more episodes... next time we'll put some rum into the food as well ;-)

First up: This video is NOT sponsored by Jack Daniel's... a few bottles of Jack when we went to compete at "The Jack" in Tennessee aside, I've never been sponsored by them.
Having said that, my good friend Jack Daniel's and I go back a loooong way (and not just because we share a surname), and while I've made this burger a few times in the past... I've never done so on #BraaiBoyTV.

It's easy enough to make

A great way of getting your alcohol flavours of choice into a burger, is by frying your onions in them... and this is exactly what we do in this episode: I fry my onions in Jack Daniel's, stuff those inside the mince... and then just because I love bacon so much, I finish the patty off by wrapping it in some bacon... just watch the video and you'll see ;-)

Got ideas/suggestions of your own? Let me know what you would do with your Jack Burger in the comments below.

P.S. Those of you that have been following my channel for a while, might recall a similar Jägermeister burger (catch that video and recipe here: http://braaiboy.co.za/recipe/jagermeister-burger/).

A huge shoutout to Jimmy's Sauces (@jimmysauces here on Hive or https://jimmysauces.co.za/) for making this episode possible. Thank you guys for the support!

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