Disney+ : Finally Succumbing to another Streaming Service...

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Sigh... there is nothing more redundant than a streaming service that you don't really use... so, for a while now, I've tried to keep the number of services that we are subscribed to to a minimum. Spotify for Music, Netflix for TV and Humble Bundle for games. We used to have a couple of others, but we ended up not really using them to the full potential and so we ended up trimming them back.

So, it was with some horror that I saw that Disney and others were getting into the TV/film streaming business in the previous year... with the idea that they would try to hold the rights to their IP and use that as a tool to leverage people away from Netflix.... and they have some stupidly powerful IP as well, with Star Wars, Pixar and the MCU universe being the headline acts for the new Disney+ platform.

Now, I've long wanted to have the Star Wars (especially the cartoons!) and MCU catalogue to watch all the movies that I missed out on whilst either working or being a parent... plus, all the Pixar movies are just awesome as well! I can do without most of the Mickey Mouse stuff... but I've bit my tongue and didn't suggest it... after all, we all have our little sacrifices... and it wasn't going to kill me if I didn't see the Hans Solo movie!

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However, that all changed very recently... when it was announced that Hamilton (the hit Bradway musical about the founding fathers of the United States) would be appearing exclusively on Disney+ after a bidding round by the streaming video services. My wife and I had been hearing about this runaway hit musical... but of course, there was no way in hell that we would ever be able to see it live in performance! Tickets were always sold out... and we couldn't ever afford to fly to the United States for a holiday anyway... and the costs of having a babysitter so that we could have a New York City holiday for a month! (Kidding... we would take the kids... maybe...).

So, when it was announced that ti would be appearing on Disney+... my wife started asking about the "new" streaming service! I sensed an opening... if we would get it for Hamilton... I would have access to Star Wars AND MCU AND Pixar! Dream coming true... and I could say that it was just for Hamilton!

So, I looked up the prices... Disney+ is still in the growth stage of audience capture (aka poaching subscribers from Netflix), and so the pricing is pretty affordable... 7 euros per month, less if you do a year subscription. For all the Star Wars, MCU and Pixar that you can stuff into your brain!... Sorry, I mean... for Hamilton!

I suggested it... and it the family High-Command took the idea on board as a nice summer treat for the family! SCORE! So, the kids and I are happy... and my wife is as well!

In the end, I think we will still hold on to the Netflix subscription as well... I do like the selection on Netflix, and I'm a bit cranky that Disney flexed it's IP muscle and yanked their shows. I do think that Netflix does a better job of creating original and interesting new content rather than rehashing old IP. Plus, My Little Pony, She-Ra and Storybots which are my children's favourite shows are still on Netflix... and my wife still has all her shows there as well. Me, I don't tend to watch so much TV... but they have THE WITCHER... and I would subscribe just for that!

So, Black Panther first... or Hans Solo... or Ant Man?... Or any of the Thor movies...

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