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As I was pondering what I would photograph for this RED RED RED Monday Mission, I was thinking over all the red things in the house and how I would be able to write something interesting and personal about each of the objects. Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to just photograph the requisite number of red objects and be done with that... but that would be boring!


Number One is one of our stools that our kids sit on. Both the chairs were chosen when the kids were too young to choose for themselves... and so, they aren't really a reflection of their favourite colours or anything!

These stools are great! They have lasted for an incredibly long time and are designed in a way that you can continually adjust them as the kids get older and bigger. Of course, there will be a limit to that... but the oldest child has used hers since she was 4 (the younger one started on it as soon as she could sit on a chair with baby attachments) and I'm sure that she will still be able to use it until she hits her early teens.

Sometimes, it is really just worth it to spend a little bit more on something that will last!


Number 2! Mangoes... well, mangoes in Europe are quite different to what we would expect in Australia. I love mangoes, and the kids do as well... however, I have memories of juicy sweet mangoes from Australia... more orange in colour, whilst my poor deprived children have these pale red equivalents. They are okay... but I suspect that they are more for cooking than for eating...

That said, the kids remain blissfully ignorant that there is a mango heaven in the Southern Hemisphere!


Number 3! Folders? Well... there is much more to these folders than meets the eye.

Inside the folders is music for string trios (two violins and cello) that I put together long long ago when I was first studying music at University... and they have traveled to the other side of the world with me. The music inside is for background music of functions and weddings, and it isn't the crappy arrangements that normally gets played... but real music, the stuff that keeps the musicians on edge and out of boredom when we are playing in the background!

I think that the other musicians that used to play with me in these events appreciated the extra challenge... even if some of them complained that it was too hard! Bah!!!!... that is what we train for!

Anyway, these folders have been seen at events that have been graced by world leaders in the past... various Heads of State including the British Queen, and of course... many happy couples getting married. Funerals are a miss for me....


Number 4! I just got a new laptop... and it has programmable RGB lighting for the keyboard! Every nerdy gamer's delight!

Actually, I'm not really sold on the bling of gaming laptops... but this one is pretty subdued (review incoming...). However, it still does have the programmable RGB... and one of the settings is the ability to light up the WASD keys in red! Every gamer knows the location of those keys in the dark... not sure why you would need to light them up!

Personally, I prefer the breathing rainbow setting!


Number 5! Five different pieces of red clothing from the various clothing drawers in our house.

Now, living with three girls... I'm always constantly mixing up their clothes.... and this is when one is an adult and the other two girls are pretty far apart (5 years) in age. This is not a situation that is going to improve with time as the kids get older, and the clothes start to look even more similar in size!


Number 6! Interestingly enough, I was just looking at the app icons on my phone, and I thought.... hey, there are a lot of red ones that I use!

So, a list of six of the most used apps on my phone! All of them are great apps, and I highly recommend them all. Not just for the redness of their icons, but for their actual functionality as well!


Number 7! Last but not least... the packets of strings that I use for my modern instruments (not the Baroque ones that I use most often...) are red! I've used these Tonica brand strings since the day I started University and they were recommended to me by teacher in those days.

Not too expensive, reliable and good tone... everything that I need in a string! There are different strings that have a better tone, but cost more... or others with a different type of sound colour, but for me, these strings are the best balanced for the way that I want my instruments to sound!

That said, most of my playing is on Baroque instruments... and for those, I use pure gut!

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I never knew I "needed" backlit keyboards til I got the first one (which I suspect was on a Macbook Pro). And then I got a green one and now I have this rainbow one and I love it and will always have rainbow ones from hereon XD

at least for my desktop as I'm getting a Macbook Air soon because even though I could get a much more kickass laptop from metabox that requires dealing with linux and I've been struggling with basic photo management on linux for a year or so o_O

Why did I need it? Well while I can type and find standard gaming keys by touch, but only if I'm sitting directly in front of it and the keyboard is usually off on an angle when I'm drawing so I actually have to look where I need to put my hand (which is usually already on the way to whatever shape I need for that keyboard combo that isn't on my tablet XD) and the lights make things easier to see/faster to find by an order of magnitude.

And learned something new today, had no idea different brands of strings made different sounds (though it's also pretty obvious now that I think about it, just never thought about it before XD).

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Backlit keyboards are pretty damn cool... I got my first set in a XPS15... and I have to say, I was pretty amazed! Now, I think that RGB backlighting is a definite must have!

Hmmmm... Metabox looks a lot like the Australian equivalent of XMG. Barebones laptop kits that have been specced up something horrible! I remember my first Clevo based one... I loved it, but it ran hot and loud. Plus, the keyboard and battery were crap... but it had stupid awesome performance and storage!

I moved away for the XPS15... as I wanted something that had a better typing experience and battery life. But I have been tempted back by the Fusion 15 by XMG. Things have improved so much on the gaming laptop front! A RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, with RTX 2070... lots of upgradeable RAM and M2 slots.... giant battery... 144Hz screen... It is the XPS15 on steroids!