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At the end of each year, we tend to treat the girls to something that is generally a bit pricier than our usual outing. Musicians are sadly not quite at the 1% end of the earnings territory... plus, a special rare treat is more appreciated than one that is doled out with no thought.

So, this last winter, we went to Disney on Ice as a family. We were toying with the idea of Cirque de Soleil... but in the end, that was a little bit too stressful for our budget!



Ah... going through my old photos, I see some fond memories of a pre-Coronavirus time when large gatherings were of an annoyance and an exercise in dealing with people who were evidently too good to stand in lines like the rest of us. These days, it is a risk that is an uneccessary one... seeing as Corona could get you in a bad way... or you could be fine. Still, if you don't need to take the risk then it isn't worth it... plus, you aren't rolling the dice just for yourself. Low Probability, Large numbers make for a terrible outcomes.


We found that our moderately priced seats got us a pretty nice view of the ice arena... better than we had expected! Plus, after the show started, there were quite a few empty seats that had a slightly better angle, and we could just quickly shunt around to them!

Needless to say, the girls were pretty excited as the show was starting up... there is just so much to see and the energy of a few hundred families all packed in is pretty overwhelming!


As soon as the lights went down... the little ones started to lose it! Some in fear.... and others in excitement!


I have to say that I was pretty damn impressed by the whole show. Disney has some great and memorable songwriters... and so all the catchy tunes were out. The dancers were obviously well rehearsed and the show just ran with the smooth efficiency of a long-touring troupe. The lighting and sound were top notch as well, well co-ordinated and with swift scene changes as well.

The only thing that I did find weird was the fact that the dancers would be mouthing the words of the songs... when it obviously wasn't them singing it anyway. It made for a bit of a strange look, but who am I to complain!

All of the favourite characters were present... and there was some unexpected ones for me as well. I wasn't familiar with Moanna, but my girls were.

So, without too much further ado... I will just leave some photos from the last year's Disney on Ice here. Fond memories a different time!














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It looks like you had a great time! Going to a Cirque du Soleil performance is one of my dreams too!

I would love to go to one eventually... I will have to content myself with any videos they put out!

Cirque du Soleil is just... Magnificent

I think my daughter wanted to go to a Disney On Ice thing, but we still haven't gotten around to it. It's been quite a while since we've been to anything like that, the last thing we went to was The Lion King Broadway a hundred million years ago which was also pretty epic XD

Maybe the skaters were just mouthing along because they either like the songs or are so used to hearing it? XD or maybe the choreographers thought it might look better if they looked like they were singing? o_O

Still bunkered down over there?

I remember seeing the Lion King musical in Sydney so many years ago... it was pretty spectacular!

Still bunkered down in Netherlands... I think Europe is going to be a weird place for quite some time. Although, in The Netherlands they are taking it a little less seriously than other countries...that said, 13,000 infections in the last week are starting to turn heads. Plus, the ICUs are starting report that it is going to get a bit busy....

Hope you guys are all good in Australia!

Everything is fine on my side. Other side is doing it a bit tough but in typical fashion they act like they're the entirety of Australia ;D

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