Paying the Price for Putting off a Job...

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Each summer, I've generally been on top of the pruning back of some of our backyard monsters... the combination of rain and warm weather usually means that some of these larger plants grow like crazy in the space of a week or even days! However, this summer, we have been house-sitting and only dropping by our own pace very briefly. Which means that some of our plants have had a good month or so to grow out of control... (thankfully, the blackberry infestation appears to have mostly been dampened... and so, it only had a couple of small shoots here and there!).

The worst of these fast growing offenders was our grapevine... which I had already pruned back before we went to house-sit. Now, it has really escaped it's space and is steadily encroaching upon the neighbouring yard... and it is a thick tangle of leaves and vines and fruit... and a lovely little buffet for wasps!


Now, the original design plan from house head-office (still in progress...) is to grow the vines along the stone wall by attaching a wooden trellis. It's something that is often suggested... but I think, until I go and do it myself, it won't get done! Either that, or I'm being subtly ordered to go and do it... I'm a little dicey on picking up on that!

So, the vines have already taken it in their own hands (leaves...) and started to grip the stone and wrap themselves around the corner and along the stone seperator! Interesting... I didn't know that they could grip on that little a foothold, but apparently it is possible! However, it isn't really a lasting solution... when winter comes, the grip won't be strong enough I think!


One nice benefit of the overgrown vines is that the basil plants underneath have been shaded from the direct glare of the Sun. Which means that they have started thriving again! So, we have a replenished stock of basil for cooking and for pesto making!


Hidden behind all the leaves of the grapevine were about 15 large bunches of grapes... which would have been really nice if I had been on top of it and picked them in time. Now, they are starting to rot and are attracting large amounts of wasps (which thankfully haven't built a home nearby...). This means that I have to reach in and push away the leaves, and try and cut down the bunches of grapes so that they drop to the ground without pissing off the wasps too much! I'm a bit of a chicken, so I'm using a hedge shear for additional distance between me and the wasps! I don't really want to use the secateurs as that means that you really need to stick your hands right into the danger zone!

After cutting a few of the bunches, I got into a nice rhythm... push and trim the leaves aside to get a good sight on the fruit stem, target the shears whilst moving it slowly into position... cut and jump back as the fruit falls to the ground and the wasps starting flying around like crazy! Yes, yes... I know that getting stung by a wasp isn't the worst thing that can happen to someone... but I would still prefer not to get stung!


So, after a little while, all the fruit bunches were on the ground (I had to shake to shake the vine a bit to get some to drop... which further annoyed the wasps...). I had thought to leave the fruit down on the ground until the next day so that the wasps would have time to clear... or at least get chased away by birds (do birds eat wasps?).

However, it was subtly suggested to me that it would be a GREAT idea to clean it up straight away... so, with a long handled shovel... I gingerly picked up the fruit bunches and got them into the disposal bucket. I have no idea why, but once the fruit was in the bucket, the wasps all flew away... does anyone know why that happens? Was it too exposed a position for them?


Anyway, all through this little punishment for procrastinating on a job... a nice little butterfly was just sitting on the wall near me. Just sitting and watching... seemingly unbothered by the spectacle and the wasps... I am really really really thankful that I didn't discover a wasp nest or anything horrible like that... well, not that I had noticed. Perhaps they have made a house in our attic roof... or in the neighbour's yard! I hope not... finger crossed!

I do love gardening... but this was a none too subtle reminder that it is an ongoing job! The growth doesn't stop for anyone! So, time to get back on top of the little list of garden chores... I had better dig up those annoying little blackberry shoots before they turn into a similar sized monster.

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We have vines everywhere. If I left for a couple of years, I think I would come back and not be able to find the house. I wouldn’t worry about them being able to hang on for the winter. They are tenacious! There are home in Minneapolis that are so covered in vines that you can no longer see the brick. And it gets crazy cold here!

Glad you didn’t get stung by a wasp. In my experience it hurts moch more than a yellow jacket!

I don't even know what a yellow jacket is! But I definitely don't plan on getting stung by one of those... hopefully they don't live in Europe!

I've cut him back a good bit... so, I hope I can leave him for a little bit longer whilst I get the wooden trellis up for it to climb on. Otherwise, it will be the wall!

I’m sure you do have yellow jackets. You just might call them by another name. They are the bees that usually show up at picnics. 😁

I looked it up... they are also just called wasps here!

@bengy, I saw what appeared to me some completely edible grapes in that trash bin.
What a waste. Maybe I'm wrong. I eat stuff others throw away so...
Discarded grape vines can be fashioned into very nice wreaths, alone or with added baubles.
Nice post, procrastination is everyone's enemy.
Mine especially.

No... I don't think you would want to eat these grapes... they were mostly overripe and rotten... if they didn't have a wasp sitting in them!

You'd be surprised what I will eat ha haha....


Thank you for publishing it to the PHC community feed!
Compliments of the PHC founder @jaynie...

I have upvoted and reblogged it for you.

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thanks for the support and share!

I'm no wasp fancier either, just for the record.

I had a place where the previous owner had placed a piece of 4" (10cm) aluminum pipe over top of the fence for his grape vine. All the years I had the place it hung on just fine. They are pretty tenacious.

Same place I had an ornamental called 'Oregon Grape' that needed to be watched or it would take over an entire bed seemingly overnight. It was stickery, too.

Huh... I had no idea that grape vines were so tenacious... I always thought that they would have to be supported!

I think they have something on their little grippy vines because those things can grip like you won't believe XD

I keep telling J to save the stonefruit tree that the grapevine is climbing (would have done it myself when I was last outside pruning but I'm too short and the ground isn't stable enough to place anything that would be stable enough for me to safely wave a saw around on).

The grapevine is going to be up the big tree soon and from there it will take over the world XD

Haha... I will use that excuse next time... I"m too short!

I will know what happened when Australia goes dark...