What is your Steem Disaster Plan?

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Have you ever heard the phrase "not to beat a dead horse"? Whether you have, or haven't, that is exactly what I am going to do for the first part of this post.

Not literally of course, instead, I am going to talk once again about the recent flood that @mrsbozz and I had in our basement.

Events like that can be catastrophic and having a plan in place should it happen again or start to happen is very important. I have since purchased a generator to run our sump pump should we lose power and before next spring I intend to have a backup pump installed in case the main one fails like it did this past October.

In the same vein, I think it is equally important that we have a plan in place for Steem and blockchain in general if you are involved in other cryptocurrencies.

I was going through my feed today and I noticed that I haven't seen any posts from @exyle in a while. Sure enough it appears he hasn't posted in 17 days. Which personally is a little creepy for me. He has always been a huge proponent of Steem and it had become habit to read his posts each day. I have no doubt he is probably just enjoying some well deserved time away from the blockchain.

That got me thinking though, what if something happened to me one day and I just disappeared from Steem? My dad is very involved in Flight Simulator. In fact, he used to have friends all over the world that he would fly virtually with. There was a time a while ago that my dad suffered a hemorrhage in his brain and while he was in the hospital my mom tasked me with getting in touch with his friends to let them know what was going on.


Don't get me wrong, @mrsbozz is pretty lights out when it comes to general technology stuff. Working together in the same school district most of the teachers in her building come to her for answers before they even think of emailing me.

Sure, she has an account on Steem, but for the most part I do all of the activities with it and manage it. She posts to Actifit with her daily steps, but beyond that, even though she has the skill, she really has no desire to be involved in Steem or Steemit or any other front end.

So that brings me back to the question, what happens if something happens to me? At the current price of Steem, my account really isn't worth too much. What if that changes? With me gone or otherwise incapacitated, there could be thousands of dollars sitting in the "ether"(see what I did there).

Lucky for us, her cousin is a blockchain wizard and he would probably be able to help out, but what about people who don't have someone like that? What about those who are single or whose spouse has no desire to learn about blockchain? Do you have a disaster plan?

Ideally, I would stress to @mrsbozz how much she needs to sit down with me and at least understand what the different keys are for and how to power down or convert to fiat if necessary.

Along with that, I think it would be important for her to understand Discord so she could maybe post a message to some of the servers I am a member of and friends that I have direct message history with.

Like most things we tend to put stuff like that off. Then when it really matters it is too late.

So let me and the rest of the Steemiverse know! Do you have a Steem Disaster Plan? You don't have to share all the intricate details but I'd love to hear your thoughts or plans in the comments!

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@bozz Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌
Good luck for your future articles!!! Keep steeming and one last thing that I would really appreciate and feel good if you go through my content and give your review!!! Thanks 😊 @bozz

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This is so important. My wife knows that I blog on Steem but does not yet understand the nuts and bolts of how the system works. I want to make sure that I leave a legacy for my family, and that includes them have access to it.

For sure! I think a lot of us just log in here everyday and do our thing without having too much of a plan. Disaster-wise anyway.

I'm the geek in the family, so don't really see anyone on the horizon who'd get it. These people think "blockchain" is some kind of jewelry or something.

The best I could do is leave instructions for them with suggestions which would be very basic, with secondary notes for someone more tech savvy. Good post, got me thinking! :)

Thanks! That was my plan. In the same vein, I have some family members that hold BTC, but wouldn't have a clue how to get it converted to fiat should the market boom again. I have tried to talk to them about what their exit strategy might be (ie at what dollar amount do you want to get out) but they all just say, I plan on hodl'ing. :)

That is something that came to my mind a few months back and I sat down with my Stepson Mark and explained to him about my Steemit account which is the only crypto I have for the moment, so if the day comes he will be able to manage it

That is great that you have something place. I think there are a lot of us that have thought of this fleetingly but haven't put the time into preparations that we need to.

Yeah I would hate all the time i have out in on here to go to waste if something was to happen to me

i was talking to someone the other day about how there are companies out there that are meant to handle exactly these types of situations but i don't know how it would work. I suppose if you wanted it to be truly secure you would have to either believe that they weren't going to steal it themselves once they had the keys, or that the keys would be password encrypted and the only person that had the password to that would be a totally separate party. It's complicated but it is worth discussing, for my various holdings there are family members who have my keys should something happen to me and I suppose if there is anyone in this world that you should be able to trust unconditionally it is supposed to be them ! :)

I dont know... I read a stat a while ago that said the biggest perpetrators of identity theft are usually family members. For example adults who open credit cards eith their childrens info. Horrible stuff! I agree with you though, you should be able to trust your family. I have been toying with setting up a trust and in that case the private keys would be held in that. I am not sure how that all works though.

i would be willing to bet that you can set up a will with very specific information in it that probably even the lawyer wouldn't be able to understand. At least if you passed on there would be someone that could figure it out.

I don't think a lawyer would risk getting disbarred over a couple grand in crypto that they likely don't know how to access anyway.

Back up plan already in place as my girlfriend is very technical and my wife isn't. Does that count as a good plan or a plan that could cause more trouble than the Steem is worth. Just kidding all you have to do is leave the keys and a simple instruction of how and what to do. Please do one so I can copy it lol.

Haha, pretty funny. You had me going there for a second :) Good idea. Like I said, I really need to write up some instructions for her.

I would like to see those instructions too when you've done them please Bozz. (feel free to send the keys as well :-)

Peace and Love

I have thought of this often because my fiance has no clue about anything blockchain other than hearing me constantly go on about how amazing it is LoL. She, like mrs. bozz, has no interest in blockchain/cryptos but I have a lot of money wrapped up in cryptos so if I died then she would be screwed and lose all that money, to be honest she wouldn't even know where to start.

So, I wrote a manual with all the cryptos, websites, user names, passwords and how to use things like F2A. I'm sure it will be a bit difficult for her to figure out but shes a smart cookie and I really think she can do it with this guide.. Now the only problem is where to keep this guide so it doesn't get lost or end up in the wrong hands!

It sounds like you are well on your way to having a good plan. My hats off to you. I think a lot of us have beneficiaries for our other investments but forget about the crypto side sometimes.

Very true. I only have my silver and cryptos for investments so that makes it much easier for me.


Hey @bozz to be honest I don't have a disaster plan. Now if we hit $100 then yeah you better believe I will. But I don't now.

Maybe I should.

A really thought provoking post. Thanks and ,btw, great to be back :)

Awesome to see you back! I hope things are going well! I have a document that has a bunch if crypto information in it, but i dont know as though my wife is aware of it. I will need to change thst 😄

Great article and verygood points Im sure many people havent thought about!
I have actually had a disaster plan for my online life for almost 20 years which I go through about every 6 months to keep up to date. My best friend and my brotherhave copies. I really ought to give a hard copy to a solicitor to save but Im a tight arse and dont want to spend the money!!
It just outlines what should happen in the event of my demise. Its not about the money but informing gently, my online friends all over the world, some of whom I've known 20+ years.
This all came about in 2001 when an online friend on a site I used to chat on died and we didnt know until about 3 months later after a whole load of crowd research. We all talked about it and decided to all get something in place. I dont know who else keeps theirs up to date because it's not as difficult finding out about things these days but I have added Crypto stuff in there as well as list of financial matters to be dealt with which are in my will, but this is more my 'digital will'.
Very worthwhile exercise. Even people you aren't particularly friendly with start to worry if you just ghost off a regularly used online platform.

Awesome points! I am sorry you had to go through that but it is good that it prompted you to out something in place! I hear you about not wanting to give more money to lawyers!

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I have thought about this on many an occasion
The Hubs and the older kids entertain my obsession with Steem
But don't really care about it... I guess it is not easy to wrap your head around it
They do have my keys
And I have identified a couple of Steemians who might be able to help them if they wanted to cash out and not continue :D

...... Not that I have much but hey that's over 2 years of sweat and brain juice haha