MISUNDERSTANDING, or not reading it ?

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Did you ever end up in a discussion online because someone interpreted your words different, or worse, sarcastically or cynically than you intended? How often did an online conversation not get out of hand, because you were not entirely sure what the other side meant? In talked discussions you could have better estimated the tone of your communication and made sure of what your meant to say. We have to agree that we all sometimes think: does she mean that normally, honestly or sarcastically or not? Why did that e-mail come across so hard? Why is tone so harsh? The biggest issue with technology like Whatsapp, Instagram and Discord relationships is the inability to detect tone ”

OK, "The inability to detect tone": what is that exactly? Well Tone is important both online and in real life. I sound different from time to time, and I hate being bullied. But is not alone in real time but also in content. For example, tone of voice generally represented the extent to which the character of your hart and tongue is visible in the words that you write and speak. It is not about what you say, but how you say it. What kind of impression does that leave? I don’t pretend to do great but I always try to be clear and short. Honest if you will !

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Your voice or the voice of your content ensures that your message is recognizable. By providing all your content with the same voice, we always hear the same person speak. That creates trust. It shows that your company is consistent and therefore likely to be reliable. Your voice is your personal style. Your personality as a company is reflected in it. Tone is part of your voice. If voice is the personality of your story, then the tone Will be the rate of your story or the message which you want to tell. But language barriers might play you part, and being universally bound , for example here on steemit but also on other platforms. the ways things work in certain parts of the world might be the reason for misunderstanding online.

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Sometimes like in life but also online you get touched, and not in a way you want. I have had that not that many times but all the times that it happened I was mad, you want to be understood and you want people to know that you mean well, when they accuse of everything that it is not. Well I suppose online life is the same as real life. Sometimes it sucks! I will get over any dark and all the other negative shit and do my own thing.

Oh and if you don’t understand what I mean or think I say something weird or something that just isn’t true TELL ME ! Honesty is the best policy ! And be prepared I will do the same.

Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated, and please let me know your vision on steemit life in general.

Please remember, Focus on Being creative instead of being busy !

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Great advice! I know I've written things before that've been misunderstood and when I recognize that's what's happened, I try to smooth things over with an explanation that the wrong meaning was observed. It's about all we can do. :)

Indeed and even after an explanation sometimes people are still on their high heels, wel so be it. But here on the platform it’s also a language thing

I heard a speech in a movie that I watched last night saying, "He's gonna go talk to the computer." He was one of the primitive tribal pirates who said that. I had the idea that "there was no one behind the computer". =) That was fun thinking about that.

Exactly how strange is that. That people think because of the conversation type or they it’s said that ther is no one on the other side 🤔 communication is a trade and here language is a thing too. Steemit is mondial and language isn’t universal but we will get there eventually if we all stay nice

Do you mean that my English is not good enough to use it? =P

Hahahah no not you gummy there are really in nice people around 😉 merry Christmas @bdesign

Kisses to All Nice Red People =P

Thank you

I generly ignore things I don't like. If I am personally called out, clearly things up is important. I usually let it set in for a few hours to a day to avoid more misunderstandings.

No one wins Internet arguments and mostly it is easy to sort unintentional from deliberate after a reply or two.

True and a time out to think about it is better but the platform is mondial but I guess conversation isn’t! It’s the same with google translate or other translate bots it’s of the essence to be more understanding because of the possibility that language made us do it. And spoken speech or written lines do differ. But I blogged about it and that worked welll hahahah and made some steem and I didn’t have to blow of steam 😉

I use google translate (and some other language-specific ones quite a bit) because I need to regularly translate between several languages for my job. It saves a ton of time and give me a valued 2nd opinion. There are also ways to use that and write for that to improve comprehension. If I know someone I'm communicating with has difficulty using English, I avoid idioms and slangs, instead, I use accurate and straightforward language.

Google does translate.
But im not so sure though if it can do hard not clear badly written things good.

Another advantage, there is no habit of using a tone like you are speaking to a kid. Nothing more frustrating than someone calling my mispronunciation cute.

Cute is killing hahahah but google T is great but always 95% accurate! That 5 could get us in to trouble or could be the reason that we are misunderstood but it’s better to have 95 % than nothing especially here on an international platform.

Yes, this happens all the time! Depends on what mood I am in how I read what other people say too. It has been known for me to be convinced something was said in a harsh way then to read it back the next day and realise that I had misinterpreted it. If I have something to say in anger I always write it in a document. Then leave it for a few minutes, re-read and edit it to try to make it sound right.

Ohh yes mood, Bruce my mood and reading another language has brought some trouble in my journey here hahahaha but I think that we sometimes need to ask some more questions to know for sure that the story is what is meant and the same as i understood it. But time is my enemy and sometimes I just read the blog once.
I am taking advantage of this opportunity to wish you and all the felt loved ones a very merry Christmas

Tone really is everything, and even in the best circumstances, face to face, it can still be a challenge! We just have to push our good energy through the tech haha

The thing that I understand is that there are so many out there that is always on some kind of attacking crusade. I have seen so may unnecessary arguments here on steemit. Some of them downright rude.
My way of doing things is to listen to my heart and to stay kind in all that I do.
It certainly prevents many misunderstandings.
Blessings and hope that you had a good Christmas my friend.