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Hello 🐝lovely🐝bees🐝! It’s Tuesday 23rd June 2020!! How are you doing?


Yesterday, I finished the painting in the bathroom of the B&B guest room. I went up to the renovation house and put up some more plasterboard, and ordered some more materials.

Today, I was planning to go to the tapestry museum to drop off some creations (they sell them in the gift shop) but the person I am supposed to meet can’t see me until Thursday. So I will probably spend the day making more sheep. Here are some I made yesterday:

I have been doing a fair bit of curation on Hive, and I need to judge and award the ZapFic contest

I’d like to write a freewrite later!

Later, I will be playing the guitar, writing and reading too.

Let me know what you are up to!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Stay cool, everyone.

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I am doing great, glad it is going well with you as well.

I would like to know what type of dog you have. We adopted a dog from a rescue center, which they say is a cross breed, but it looks very similar to yours.

Here is a photo of him going for a walk with me, unfortunately he is looking away, and he has his jacket on as it is winter here by us.


Here is a bit of a better photo.

Cute! Both our dogs are cross breeds (they were both being given away for free at markets). Both of them have some border collie in them. We are not sure what the other bit of Basil is (the dog that looks like yours)!

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Thank you very much.