Finally!!! 😍

The moment we had been waiting for was today! After few months of staying at home project, we finally was allowed to be more mobile. So, I had decided to resume back our every Saturday's aunt visitation. She lives alone by herself so it had been our routine to visit her once a week, while also eating lunch there until the pandemic happened, we put to stop this visitation.

Here we were again at her house. This time, we brought along Jansen, as he was in his eating mode. The boys were so happy to visit the aunt again. As usual, she kept toys for them, alot alot of blocks and Hot Wheels cars. I didn't take any photo of them playing as was busy helping her at the table. Normally, I tried to minimise usage of mobile phone when I visited her as a sign of respect.

What was on her table today?

She told us simple food but to us those were super yummy food.

A big bowl of nutritious soup she cooked by using bone broth boiled for hours, in the soup there were 20 'wonton' and lettuce. She did it herself, not those bought from frozen areas.

And her signature fried rice because she also used yummy broth for the fried rice, not much powdered seasoning. Very super duper tasty. You felt healthy too!


She usually made the whole bowl of this 'wonton' soup for us, 'wonton' means minced pork wrapped with 'wonton' skin. I ate 8, the eldest ate 8 too, the youngest ate 3. Left one more. Guess who ate it in the end because my aunt kept saying to finish all of them.



Praying this Covid19 will not spike again so that we can resume our every Saturday visitation to aunt's place. Everyone takes care.


❤️Love from me❤️


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I recall reading a post about your aunt and how much you enjoy her cooking.
It's good that gatherings are allowed finally.
I'm just waiting for the travel borders to finally open within countries so that I may fly in and out without having to be quarantine for such a long time.