The secret to looking young?

Not sure is this a secret or not, but my friend got shocked when I told her I DO NOT have a routine skincare, morning and night. I used to determined to try toner and moisturiser but ended up just cleanser. Early morning wake up, was straight away rush hour. You need to set the children and house on order right? How would I have time for skincare routine.. And she got shocked I never been to facial wash spa or something, okay, maybe once, also being forced by my ex-housemates, and they bought the voucher for me, for me to have a facial spa two weeks before my wedding day. Gosh! I actually didn't enjoy it. Because I didn't feel relaxed with other people attending my face while I lied down immobile for two hours. Two hours!!! I felt like a mummie wrapped and couldn't move. The person told me I had dry skin, bla bla bla, but I couldn't bother much.

Anyway, recently, approaching 40, (although people still say I look like 25 years old) (oh come on, just when you use magnifying class to see closer), I did notice more wrinkles underneath my eyes and the muscles on face lose the elasticity abit. Not drinking enough water plus not exercising enough may be the main culprit, but my friend said I need to start be diligent on skincare routine. After rolling my eyes, I agreed after I look at mirror long enough.

She advised with a cleanser, toner, moisturer and either essence/ serum daily. Day and night. Then face mask once or twice a week. Exfoliate once a week. Massage the face with oil once a week. Wow, am I joining beauty pageant huh? 🤪 *Okay, I shall try, for the sake of my husband. They say no matter how your husband loves you and your heart, outlook still is important and he is visually stimulated... bla bla bla

Online browsing

I wasn't willing to spend alot on these stuffs yet and we are not rich people unless Hive goes up alot, that will be another story, so I took opportunity of '9.9 sales' and buy few stuffs online. I already had toner and moisturizer which were barely touched since I last bought, so I shall restart them. Those were Bioaqua brand, so I figured to buy back same brand. And I bought a serum and moisturising face spray and face masks. Trying to buy those closer with natural like honey and blueberry thingy. I wasn't sure. But, they had arrived.



Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise

I heard to prevent wrinkles and looking old, ensuring your face being moisturised IS the key. Therefore, after cleaning, must put toner, followed by serum, then moisturizer. Any other steps, because I saw some skincare package comes with 5 to 6 items for daytime routine and another set for night time routine. This is crazy! How will we be able to remember and do not mix up the products? So many chemicals!

Then my friend advised to buy any oil for face massage. Okay, I did it. I just bought jojoba oil and vitamin C oil handmade by people. Yet to arrive. And natural rice bran exfoliator. When they arrive, I shall post again. I felt like I was going to school, relearn new knowledge. We shall see how.

I still think, above all, to remain youthful, have a dose or tones of doses of joy everyday, laugh like you breathe, love like you live. You get me? Free of charge. No cash 💸 fly away. Shopping online hurts my wallet.

❤️Love from me❤️

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Busy life make it impossible to take care of ourself....but it happens with ladies too....I am surprised...😉

Anyway, recently, approaching 40

That's a lie. 😀 You cannot be even in your 30's.