Bonding Moments Are The Best

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Inspired by #MarketFriday by @dswigle

cafe france.jpg
All photos featured are from my collection.

I am back once again for another edition of #marketFriday.

When I was a student, my most favorite day was Friday. One reason was I did not need to wake up too early the following day, as there was no school. Well, that was true until I got to high school. We used to have our P.E. (physical education) classes on Saturdays. Ugh! But, what did that have to do with my topic for today? Probably nothing. You see, Friday is my daughter's last work day for the week. I don't get the same privilege, as I work until Saturday. Anyway, what usually happens is I drop by her workplace and pick her up after work. Then, we proceed to whatever activities we have lined up, like grocery night or the movies. Although we don't always go out on Friday nights, it has become a favorite hangout night. One thing for sure, we don't usually go far from our neighborhood. We do not enjoy the commute and the traffic.

cake display.jpg

Look at those delectable delights on the display case! I will share some close up photos in a little while.

Here is one of those impromptu after-work moments with my daughter. We walked a few blocks from her office to this nearby cafe. She told me that she was feeling a little hungry and was craving for pasta.


The drinks were the first to arrive.


Creamy carbonara. Yum! It seems that wherever we go my daughter tries out the carbonara. I wonder if she has found her favorite version.

tomato  basil linguine.jpg

I had the tomato and basil linguine. Yes, I do remind myself to eat healthy at all times. It was a scrumptious meal, but more than the meal itself, it was the bonding moment that made it all delightful. We get to sit down, talk about each other's day, and share stories. What could be more fun than that, right?

chocolate liqueur.jpg

As promised, here are the close up photos of two of the delectable delights on the display showcase. This one's the chocolate liqueur fruitcake. The photo below shows the espresso fruitcake.

espresso fruitcake.jpg

Well, that's it for this week's edition of #marketFriday.

Enjoy your first weekend of 2020! ^_^

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Thank you so much! ^_^

!giphy thank you

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Too much! The fruit cakes, oh, the fruit cakes...

We're not huge on cakes, but I'm sure they were pretty yummy! Thanks for dropping by. have a great week ahead! ^_^

Impromptu times with the kids are great! Awesome!

I agree. Awesome indeed! ^_^ have a great week ahead! :)

Looks really delicious dude

The pasta dishes are yummy! ^_^ thanks for dropping by. have a great week ahead! :)

Certainly looks like you guys had a great time my friend.
Great food and a chat is always a good idea.

thank you! Yes, indeed I love every bonding moment with my daughter ^_^ young people grow up too fast. I'm glad we've built a good relationship :) have a great week ahead! :)

Every child needs a loving relationship my friend and my heart belongs to the little orphans that we work with at times.
Bonding is a mothers special love for her child that nothing can replace.
Blessings to you and your daughter!

Welcome to PHC!

hi! thank you so much ^_^ have a great week ahead!

Bonding time is the best preferably with pies

hi! well, the only pies my daughter likes are the local peach mango pies from a local food chain :D have a great week ahead!

A familiar place. It has been a long time since I last had a meal there. Haven't tried the carbonara. Will soon try that next time I visit.

hi! my daughter likes carbonara, but I prefer the tomato based ones :D have a great week ahead! :))

This shop sells so much
Should be good business
I like it all

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thank you so much! ^_^

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Bonding moments to treasure @iamraincrystal

So true indeed!

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LOL, after reading zord189's post about his birthday party, which made me hungry, I am starving at this point and must eat food now after reading yours! Everything looks so delicious! Tell me, what were you girls drinking with your meals? :)

Just iced tea & four season 😊😊 don't go hungry! 😉👍

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Awesome 👏

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What a beautifully written and heartfelt #MarketFriday post. I love bonding with my kids and the older they get, it seems the more important it is to keep the bond strong. How fun that you make Friday night a girls' night and do something fun, even if it is only sharing a meal and talking about your day. I can remember doing that with my own mother when I got out of school and started working.

I love fruitcake, if I had to choose one of the things, I think that is what I would choose!

Thank you so much for being a part of the challenge. As always, I appreciate all the work it takes to put a post together. Have a great Tuesday!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Those are some great looking fruitcakes @iamraincrystal yummy🤗

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The market food there looks great. I love fruitcake. I purchased one for Xmas. It's still in my fridge, as I'm not supposed to eat anymore of it. I'm going to freeze it. It freezes well.

It’s so great to have a nice meal and enjoy time with your daughter, isn’t it? I really enjoy that too! It looks like a fun little place you went to!

Nice to have a evening to bond with your daughter.