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It has been a long time since I last joined a contest hosted by #powerhousecreatives & @zord189. And this week, I felt it was time to emerge myself back; one can only go into hiding for so long, literally speaking. For this week's contest, check out @zord189's post HERE.


I've decided to be a critic on the movie Hercules 2014 since I've just watched it for the first time tonight on FOX Movies. This movie was directed by Brett Ratner and stars the ever famous Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Aksel Hennie, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and many more. Apparently, it is based on the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars. To be honest, I've many movies and tv series on Hercules and it had always been about these few facts:-

i. Hercules is the son of Zeus as such he's always referred to as a Demi-God
ii. Hercules has super strength power and cannot die by the hands of any human
iii. Hercules has an on-going battle with Hera, wife of Zeus
iv. Lastly, Hercules always comes out being the hero

Now, for this particular 2014 adaptation, the plot took me by surprise. They did after all got the right artist to portray the role of Hercules though I much prefer Kevin Sorbo. 😉 The plot describes Hercules as being more of a mortal rather than a Demi-God; a mercenary rather than a righteousness man; a murderer rather than hero. Totally, an opposite of what all the tv series and movies of Hercules. Also, Hercules has a team of fighters who stand by his side like family; those that would fight and die for each other. One character that stayed true by his side is Iolaus, which was introduced as his nephew rather than his sidekick. The movie is somewhat interesting and worth the time and focus for a Sunday evening family time.

Naturally, dressing is always minimal and lots of torso displaying in the movie which is expected. I'm no expert being a critic but as most cinematography requires good lighting and most of the scenes are indeed in the great outdoors; mountains, seas, sand and dust. Even the scenes of so called Central of Thrace kingdom seemed rather amazing. I did in fact caught sight of some of the buildings seemed rather fake, if you get my drift.

One thing for sure, I did enjoy the script especially the closing narration from Amphiaraus.

You want to know the truth about Hercules? There it is. To be honest, I prefer it to the legend. The world needs a hero they can believe in. Is he actually the son of Zeus? I don’t think it really matters. You don’t need to be a demi-god to be a hero. You just need to believe you’re a hero. It’s what worked for him. But then again, what the hell do I know? I’m supposed to be dead by now.

If you haven't catch this movie, be sure to check it out. Not sure because it's another movie by The Rock but because the plot and how the story is told is rather interesting. This is one story that you would have never read before in any book.

Still my all-favourite Hercules & Iolaus

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