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It has been a long while since I last joined a HIVE Contest and somehow, this seemed like a good time with the right theme as well. @zord189's theme of A Life of a Cat seemed like a good memoir to write about and I had plenty of words wanting to come out tonight.

So, this is my submission for this week's HIVE Creatives Contest; if you'll like to know more about it, check it out HERE.

A snippet of the story....

A family have bought a kitten from the petstore. The daughter, Elisha have always wanted a cat and for her 16th birthday, her parents have decided to buy her one. When they arrived back home, the box that houses the cat drops and out YOU crawl out. Yes, YOU are the cat and it is your duty to tell this story of how your life as a cat unfolds... This is a contest and you must write from a cat's perspective.

I felt the world around me shake and as I tried to hold on the small space confiding me, I breath hard and fast. Unsure of where and what was going to happen to me, I prayed hard that it would happen swift and painless. Suddenly, the floor beneath me opened up and out I fell from the confinement of my somewhat prison. The bright light beneath me didn't feel anything like HELL ... not like I knew what hell looked like but I always thought it would be filled with darkness and fire. This was a total opposite. Was this a cat's version of HELL 😳

With my four feet, I landed on solid cold ground and almost immediately I felt a pair of warm flesh gripping my abdomen and lifting me up. Staring straight at me was a pair of brownish blue eyes, it looked somewhat puzzled with a slight smile in it. This was a human's eyes and hands that was holding me up. When we were brought up in the shelter home for cats, many of the other older cats spoke of the humans and how they would care for them when they were younger. However, once they got older, they will be shipped off to homes such as these for the final journey. There was no loyalty or love, not like what it was written in those children's books.

As I looked at those pair of human eyes, I was both scared and excited at the same time. Scared that I would end up like those old cats back in the shelter home but excited that I had finally a new home and not the shitty shelter home which housed so many stray cats like myself. I willed myself a moment to indulge myself in this short-lived joy or so that's what I believed to be. How wrong was I...

The days and weeks ahead was absolutely amazing, my owner, Elisa brought me everywhere she went and showered me with not only love but also the most expensive cat food ever. She even got me my own personal maid to care for my beauty and and every 2 weeks, Elisa would bring me to the spa for a full day of pampering. I couldn't believe my luck in being with this wonderful family. It was like a dream come true. I began to think that those old cats in the shelter home was just trying to scare us off by saying all those bad things. Life is nothing like what they had explained. This life that I'm having is just beautiful and I never ever wanted it to end.

I shouldn't jinx it but the worst had yet to come.


Before I knew it, my short-lived happiness finally came to an end. Elisa had found someone, another human, a boy about her age and they had been spending a lot of time together. She was sidelining me for him; so often that I no longer see her. I waited for hours and sometimes days; and when I do see her, she'll just give me a kiss or hug and then cast me aside. I was no longer HER PERSON instead I was just another PET. My personal maid was gone and to make things even worst, Elisa's parents had moved me out from Elisa's room to the maid's kitchen. I would eat my meals from cheap polystyrene plates and have my bath whenever they remembered.

Five years had passed and I'm back where I began. Sitting at the corner of the same shelter home which I was born. I was one of those old cats now. Looking at those newly born kittens, I felt a great deal of jealousy but also sadness because it's a cycle of life and nothing is going to change. They will go though the same thing as I did - the same happiness and then the great disappointment.

Such is Life of a Cat, I guess....

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