Life's NO Secret #25 | Finding the artistic bone within me... Tough luck

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This is like finding a needle in a haystack!

It would've been easier to just give up on this effort but then who are we if not by taking on risk. So, when my team decided to hold a social painting workshop for our clients, I immediately supported the idea although it meant bringing over 30 people both adult and children in one place. I have minimal understanding for both art and imagination since I'm more of an analytical and facts kind of person. Nevertheless, it was amazing to see how Tipsy Art, our co-host for the event combine both fun and art in a three-hour session.


I was informed that Tipsy Art is a very established art center and have drawn in a trendy and young crowd of followers. Those who enjoy learning about painting with the right steps and most importantly, it's like a workshop so one can actually attend with family and friends. They also conduct outdoor workshops for communities or organisations if required. For us, we asked them to hold one of their three-hours workshop at one of our property.


When I arrived at the set up location for our event, I was surprisingly amazed at the set up. It was indeed like a painting for the experts. Two tables were lined up with seats on both sides. Painting boards were placed on small easel stands with a dedicated color board and paint brush for each participant. And all these were prepared by Tipsy Art specifically.


On the front where everyone could see are two painting boards; one with the final artwork and another an empty one. The instructor was going to teach everyone the steps right from the start. Because, this session was targeted for our bookers, it was taught in their local language for easy understanding. Though I do understand that they are able to conduct in English as well if required.


These are the color paint and brush provided by Tipsy Art for every participant. All set up for properly so that each participant will be able to fully enjoy this experience. They also have a painting board on a small easel stand as well. Got to give them credit for making this event a successful one.


No wonder people pay VND650,000 for one session and they keep coming back for me. Unfortunately, this just isn't my cup of tea though it was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. Even the kids sat down quietly and did their painting. I'll keep the photos of their artwork for another post 😆

Till my next post on artwork

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Life's NO Secret is all about sharing; and it can be anything at all. Be it related to health, wealth, lifestyle or education. Sometimes, secrets are not really secrets. It's just that people don't talk about it or it's just been put aside until it becomes a topic to B****** about it. It could be anything under the sun; good, silly, fun, stupid or bad to some extend.

Life's NO Secret is an inspiration of my own in which I hope to share with all of you. NO Secrets means NO Lies. Just plain simple facts.

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