Ulog # 96 | Darn ! My TV got hacked

in hive-114105 •  2 months ago 

I never thought this would ever happen to me but it did !!

And here I was minding my own business over the weekend; deciding that I wanted to be a potato couch for the afternoon since it was raining cats & dogs outside. So, it was the TV that would accompany me and with the long list of movies and tv dramas available on HBO & Fox, I knew I had plenty to keep me occupied. Okay, that was a sarcastic comment because I've watched almost 80% of all the movies and tv dramas, even the reruns week after week.

Anyway, while I was fixing my eyes on the tv, suddenly the tv screen went blank...



And then, the screen was on again, showing me Youtube with the words Chromecasting by the side ! At that moment, I knew I've been hacked by someone. I was in shocked that I didn't even noticed what video was being screen on the Youtube site. This lasted for a few seconds and then the screen went blank again as if whoever who did it realised it and immediately disconnected from my tv.

I was alarmed that someone could have hacked into my chrome cast tv connection but then when I think back, I realised that because we're all connected to the same network, this is bound to happen, especially when I didn't set a password to my chrome cast device. Big lesson learnt here for sure. It suddenly made sense to me because whenever I chrome cast from my iPad, I always see names of other devices on the screen. And I do sometimes select the wrong device to cast from my iPad.

I did informed the IT person in charge about it and I left it to them to find a way around it; after all there's only so much I can do. Unfortunately, my IT expert is back home in Malaysia and it will be a while before he returns to service all my devices.


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Bastards 😠

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